Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Apartment @ The Curve

I think I have been so busy that it is just freaking me out. Traveling up and down to Malacca almost few times a week is absolutely tiring and I have not been feeling really well as a matter of overworked, poor me! However busy and tired, food is still my main priority and we finally found da time to discover The Apartment last Saturday noon. After all, I had been wanting to try this Restaurant for like more than a month! Located near by Italiannies and Big Apple Donuts, I must confess that this suit of rooms look great, as in da interior design. Just like an actual Apartment with Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom and a Living Room, what a cool concept I thought and oh.... I quite like their Menu, I mean da graph papers. It somehow reminds me of my schooling days where I remember I actually used many of them for my Add Math and Mathematical subjects! :D

We seated in between da Bathroom and Kitchen. Eating in a bathroom? Honestly speaking, I felt a little bit uncomfortable but darling was fine with it though...

We didn't order any drinks but only a glass of Iced Water and Warm Water. Oh boy, so stylish with Mint Leave and sliced Lemon! No, it's not free... RM 0.50 per glass :)

I ordered one of da so called Apartment's Pride, Pasta with Chili, Garlic and Herbs. Priced at RM 12.90, I've got no complaint on da presentation, just like a wannabe fine-dining. Tastes wise, oh man...... very disappointed! Not impressed at all and it was tasteless, enough said! :(

While I had Pasta, darling went for Lemon Sole with Olives. Priced at RM 25.90, I thought mine was already bad enough but hell no! Da Sole Fillet was nothing special, just like a normal char-grilled Fillet that my mom usually cooks at home and da only difference, it's topped with Black Olive Sauce. Da accompaniments; Rocket Lettuce was really awful, it was soooooooo sooooooooo.... extremely SALTY and horrible okay! Oh my god, I think most probably they sprinkled half a bottle of Salt into da Rocket Lettuce! Da mash was extremely SOUR. Never in my life we had a sour Mash so, it was really bad... definitely not towards our liking!

Next, came their Clams/Mussels Specialty. To my understanding, they do serve local Mussels and imported Mussels depending on our own choice. Apparently, I was quite stone cause I was wondering what kind of Mussels and Clams I had been eating since it's stated in da menu there are 2 types. Hmmm..... never mind, darling asked for da locals one cause it's slightly cheaper and we didn't really know whether those that we usually had were locals or imported. Minutes later, we were told that da local Mussels were all sold off. So fast??!!! It was like 2 hours from da time they started to operate and da local Mussels were to no availability? Hmmm.... sounds fishy, most probably they just want us to take da imported ones since it's much expensive? (Just my thought)

Alright, da same kind of Mussels we usually had before this and we seemed to learn something that afternoon which we had been eating imported Mussels all this while. Da Mussels, priced at RM 19 were all good, soupy Wine with lotsa Herbs and Garlic. Best to dip with da Ciabatta Bread but darling kept telling me that there was nothing marvelous over this bowl of Mussels. After all, da mains we had earlier were incredibly upsetting, my Pasta was tasteless while Darling's main was superbly salty and sour!

Oh well, we paid and left da place disappointedly....

Me: Darling, what ya think?
Darling: About?
Me: Food...
Darling: They almost have da best of everything...
Me: As in?
Darling: Cozy place, nice interior design, herbs, fresh ingredients.... BUT...
Me: Oh... but???
Darling: They don't know how to.... ermmm.......
Me: Utilize it right?!!!!!
Darling: O_o no, no! Utilize? Sounds so "engineering"!
Me: Muahahahahahaha... okay, use it, cook it!
Darling: Yessssss!!!! :D

That's our opinion towards The Apartment and I personally think that they should really take notice of their kitchen crew as I saw them dressed up messily, not tidy, nothing to cover their hair... so anytime, anywhere you may easily find hair strands on your food and no kidding, there flies flying around, very unhygiene! Well, most probably our first and last time here unless there are good reviews of this place maybe in few months time? :)

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hmmm. Been meaning to try this place. Terrible abt the kitchen crew, tho. :-(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm so far only 1 positive review from a fren of mine when it 1st opened..he mentioned duck and some strawberry let me see when i have the time..sheesh..i nvr seem to have the time..

KampungboyCitygal said...

haha the cupcake is as ermm not to say horrible la..not good it is..wat a waste that such a nice place serve bad food..

Kok said...

This sounds quite unique. Eating in an apartment. hehe.

Hmm...I also have no idea about local and imported mussels. Local one is those used in fried kueh tiaw eh?:P

J said...

Such a coincidence!
I just ate there on Sunday and was going to blog about it but you beat me to it... You are too fast lah.

wmw said...

Will give it another few months before I pay this place a visit.

Jackson said... come all -ve review so far from my friend huh?? So sad that their food is bad but the concept is great! Just wondering should i try them up?

MeiyeN said...

lemongrass, oh yeah... they really should do something bout it.. or maybe they shouldn't put tables near da kitchen area so that we won't be able to see what's going on in da kitchen ;)

joe, really? lucky thing there's still a good review! i didn't try their dessert in da menu though cause nothing seemed to tempt me..

citygal, i didn't really see many cupcakes around that day... only a few and i did remember what you told me before so i decided to skip that ;)

kok, lol.... i really have no idea! i am still very curious how does da local mussels look like! :p

j, really? i can't wait for your feedback towards this place! :D

wmw, hope that by then i will see a good review from you... and if that happens, i don't mind to re-visit this place :D

jackson, maybe not now... months later? no doubt da concept is cool.. like my fiance said, they have everything but they just don't know how to use it wisely :)

tankiasu said...

Yea this is not the first time I heard not-so-good reviews about them. Hmm.....

Big Boys Oven said...

We thought of dropping by..... well maybe later.... hope by then their service will be improve and the food too.

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

I got an idea, since ur mains r so tasteless and SpongeBob's is d total opposite, u could ask them to mix both 2gether and recook into new fusion dish!
Cos sounds like the salt that was to be added to ur pasta ended up in SpongeBob's veg side dish. :p

Xiu Long Bao said... bad huh...thx for the review, or else i'll be very upset over it :I

i heard dat they serve nice cupcakes.

ling239 said...

passed by this place several times and saw ppl eating on the day beds...
hmm ~ maybe i shd just wait and see
tks for sharing ^_^

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, sounds bad..... :|

bigboysoven, yeah..cause it's just a waste having such a great place but food is at da lowest quality :)

obi-kwan, hey.. you have been missing in action! how are you doing over there? i heard from spongebob that you are not going to uk anytime soon? is that true? oh by da way.. that's one great idea of yours.. muahahahaha :D

xiulongbao, da cupcakes look nice only.. :p heard it's from wondermilk.... tried their little cupcakes before and honestly speaking, not that great :)

ling239, ah yes! we wanted to sit on da beds that afternoon but that area was fully occupied so having no choice, we ended up in between da bathroom and kitchen ;)

daphne said...

The concept sounds good but salty food is bad! Maybe a better place to just sit, relax, have a drink and desserts instead of full meals? hmmm

wenching & esiong said...

i've noticed this place for a few times but i havent got the chance to visit it. i still feel like giving the restaurant a try coz of their interior designs and their concept.

thanks for dropping by sugar bean!!

boo_licious said...

Yeah, a lot of conflicting reviews abt this place but I for once had a good experience here.

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Yeah, been busy with applying to other Uni's besides preparing for the Nationals Championship 2mr and Sunday at Cititel Mid Valley. If u and SpongeBobbers r free, come drop by and visit. :p
Btw, visited the Floria 2007 at Putrajaya today. It's not as good as the Festival Antarabangsa Landskap & Taman 2006 at Taman Tasik Perdana mid last year, but still worth dropping by to check out plus it's beside d Putrajaya lake. Hehe.
Alrighty, gotta go sleep soon. 2mr wake up early go Mid Valley and register myself for the Magic Nationals.

MeiyeN said...

daphne, exactly! :)

wenching&esiong, no harm to try... perhaps going there for its interior design, da environment and not da food.. just don't expect too much :)

boo, looks like you were so much luckier!

obi-kwan, sorry for da late reply.. i heard that you maybe flying off to another uni huh? pretty soon?

Honey Star said...

so sad, the place looks gorgeous and the food is nothing to shout about. Yea, they need to do something about the crew. Previously i went over to tapau the cupcakes. I had to talk to 4 different person just to bungkus 2 small cupcakes. Grrr...

:: d r e a m e r z z l u l l a b y :: said...

:: sooo disappointed after read ur blog..i heard a lot of food complaining too act'ly..yet i still want to try friend once told me,their meal r not mummy yummy enuff..but if u want to chill n hang around that shud be the "OK" they said,the dessert not so bad..hurm..i think i shud try from not even try it at all.. :) ::

Raymond Lee said...

Hi Mei Yen,

Got to know your site from Simon, Good to know that alot of blogger is blog about food. another place for me to go makan with my gang..


Anonymous said...

i randomly google on the Apartment cuz had a feel to try out.
but after reading this, i do feel i need to think twice.

btw, very nice blog u hav.

will surely b ur loyal reader =)