Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dinner and Fun Outings @ Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Putrajaya

Before heading off to da Fireworks event, all of us had a full dinner at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya.

This place is pretty spacious and I was pretty amazed with da High Ceiling Fan that I know darling and Kiat were quite annoyed when they had to answer me few times, "Yes, da Ceiling Fan could be fixed that high up!" :p

Before da dinner.....

Da newly wed couple, Eddie and Ivy :)

Poh playing with his DSLR Camera ;)

Me with my buddy, Kiat and Vincent :D My bag!!! arghhhh... spoilt da pic! :(

Prasad and Yeap having a discussion I supposed...

Moi best buddies, Ivy and Mun! *Hugz*

Da cute couple, Mun and Yew Choong. What ya drinking my dear?

Not to forget Moi and Fiance ;)

Time for Food!!!!!!

Most of us had Ice Lemon Tea and I remember Vincent had Milo which was served by pot! O_o

Clam Chowder, pretty bad!

A supa dupa big bowl of Tom Yam Soup ordered by Poh :)

Yeap and Kiat had da Mushroom Soup, kinda diluted!

To da mains, Yeap had "BeeHoon" Soup as he wasn't feeling well that night.

Yeap says, "Not bad, not bad!"

My gosh, what a combination.... Ice Lemon Tea with Mushroom Soup and "BeeHoon" Soup :p

Kiat and Yew Choong had da Fettuccini Carbonara. Real bad, enough said!

Moi had da Spaghetti Bolognese. Yes, no Beef hence I could have it! Tastes weird but I managed to finish off all by myself with additional of "Cili Padi", a lot of them okay.. :p

Eddie had Chicken Chop

Poh, Mun and Prasad had Lamb Chop. As Lye Mun said, "Ok, ok only. Nothing special!"

Ivy had Sausages with Nuggets I think...

Darling had Oriental Chicken. No comments, really no yummy!

Vincent had Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice :)

Finally, Birthday Tiramisu Cake that I bought from Miki Ojisan for da August babies!

Pressie for Kiat, Mug Holder?!!!!!!??? :p

Poh had Mug Cover?????!!!???? Ekekekekke....

Mun had all da Mugs wahahahahaha.. :D

Three of them had da same Mugs :D

Da guys are real gluttons, enjoying their Supper after da Fireworks event...

Next up, we went to da Fun Fair...

Darling and my buddies went out for da Bumper Car..

Da most adorable and sweetest gal, Mun!

Woohoo..... we were in da Ferris Wheel, high up in da sky!!!!! Me scared okay...

After Fun Fair, we drove up to PCC and that's da view from above, so cool and we were supposed to watch da Fireworks from here :(

Oh well, one good night I had with my fellow buddies. Although, we didn't manage to come up here for da Fireworks despite us paying for it, well..... I definitely enjoyed spending this special night with them...what's more important than having good friends around right? :D


Precious Pea said...

So much fun! I always go to Putrajaya for meeting but i never make any effort to check out the place. Must do so on my next visit to Putrajaya.

What a great fun you had that night!

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, really? hmmm... it was my first time there and i'd lost count how many times i "wah" and "wow" ekekekekeke...

Kenny Mah said...

Even if the food was only so-so, at least the company was great, right? It seems every other time I go out with a big group of people, the food isn't that great but the people always are! :D

Kok said...

I think the best company counts right? :)

Rasa Malaysia said...

I like the 3 pretty girls picture and your outfit. Looks so cute on you. :)

Xiu Long Bao said...

aww...wat a nice bunch of frens u have...

MeiyeN said...

kennymah, that's so true.... i had da same experiences too :D

kok, yeaps.... as i said, what's more important than having good friends around right?

rasamalaysia, thank you... :D

xiulongbao, i do feel lucky having them by my side, they are real precious to me... :D

Primrose said...

Hmm, very near my workplace. :) You know, without the fireworks competition, Putrajaya is a very very dead part of town. Hiaks! Glad you enjoyed it. Fireworks was 20 minutes. Traffic jam must have been 3 hours!