Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

Come tomorrow, 31st August 2007, Malaysia will celebrate da 50th Anniversary of Independence and here, I would love to wish a very Happy 50th Birthday to Malaysia! May all Malaysians be blessed with good health, good fortune and most of all, may all of us live in unity! :)

As for tonight, darling and I won't be going anywhere. We gonna have dinner at my place, my mom gonna cook, not me! and countdown to Merdeka back in my room :) We are supposed to join in da celebration with my fellow buddies at Putrajaya to watch da Team Japan Fireworks Competition where my buddy managed to get da VIP Passes for us but no, we aren't going. I heard from my buddy that there is a rave party happening thereafter da Fireworks and to be honest, it really tempts me to hop over. Just so unfortunately that tomorrow, darling have to wake up really early in da morning for work and at da same time, I am just feeling very tired. I feel that I don't have that much of energy anymore like how I used to have, to party all night long. I bet my parents got to be surprised knowing that I will stay at home, am just so different now, I know. It's a good thing....... my fiance successfully tamed me, lotsa of hard work to reach this stage I supposed and it's true, time for me to settle down and be good :)

As for tomorrow, I will be spending my morning and afternoon with my family. A High-tea session for sure, with my beloved aunt, my cousins, my cousins-in-law and not to forget, my precious nieces too!!!!!! At night, I will be joining fiance's family for a BBQ session at his brother's place, yada yada.... so much of food! :D When I thought that Saturday would just be another half working day for me, my boss kindly told me that it will be an off day for all of us, how great! Woohoo........ I hope that you people gonna have a good Merdeka celebration and enjoy this long weekend yah, I will be back on Monday :)


Kok said...

Quiet and peaceful for your holidays? That's quite good also mah. Spend more time with family. hehe. Enjoy your hols!:)

teckiee said...

I was there yesterday night. No rave. Just a small concert by local artist. Got stuck in the jam for 2 whole hours!!!

Jackson said...

Happy Merdeka ya!!

Primrose said...

I woke up early in the morning to watch the perarakan on tv. :) Hope you had a good weekend!

Big Boys Oven said...

meiyen, is it part of the puzzles of grown up or getting old?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy Merdeka! Hope you got enough rest over the long break. :-)

MamaBoK said...

Yes.. you've come a long way.. gal..! but i wouldn't use the word.. he tamed you ..muahhaha!! i think it's a matter of feeling contented.. you donch .. need to go out .. and be seen.. and be happening.. ;)

MeiyeN said...

kok, sure and i had a good one! :)

teckiee, really? lucky thing i didn't go :p

jackson, though it's over... same to you! :D

primrose, i used to wake up early in da morning to watch da so called "pearakan" when i was still schooling... not now anymore :p

bigboysoven, well... am feeling really old :(

lemongrass, yes i had a good one and it's great to see your post featured on da STAR! :D

mamabok, hmmmm.. what you said is true! just a matter of growing up i think..