Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Will Never Ever Buy Anymore HP Products!!!!!!

Bad day, bad day! I discovered that my Hewlett Packard All In One Office Jet which I bought last year March was not working well yesterday. It happened when there was an incoming fax and out of a sudden, the display went off and obviously, the fax didn't manage to go through. I off and on it back, found out that da on/off button lights kept blinking with da error message, "OXFAOF8005".

I touched no more and this morning, I immediately sent my OfficeJet to HP Service Center. To my surprised, their Help Desk told me that it couldn't be fixed! O_o

Oh my gosh, da technician did nothing much. On da button, off da button and sent the unit to da Help Desk and da end.

HelpDesk: I am sorry. We are going to exchange one working unit for you.
Me: Huh? You mean it couldn't be repaired?
HelpDesk: Yes! We will change one working unit for you in 3 working days time.
Me: Huh? No, no! Why the machine couldn't be fixed?
HelpDesk: Wait, let me check the system.
Me: Okay.
HelpDesk: Oh, you bought this unit more than 1 year. It was March, 2006.
Me: So?
HelpDesk: The warranty is over. I need to charge you RM 250+ to replace this unit.
Me: What?!!!! No, no! A working unit is not a brand new one, am I right?
HelpDesk: Yes, not a new one. We give you 3 months warranty.
Me: No, no! I want my OfficeJet to be fixed!
HelpDesk: No, we can't fix it. It's beyond our control and this model has been obsolete.
Me: 1.5 years and you tell me it's obsolete?!
HelpDesk: Yes!
Me: So, what's the problem that cause the damage?
HelpDesk: Ermm... I think maybe.... lightning strike. Perhaps, power supply problem.
Me: O_o, no... can't be. It wasn't raining when da fax was coming in!
HelpDesk: I don't know, is really beyond our control.
Me: No way, HP is a multinational company. How can it not be fixed?!!!!!
HelpDesk: Even if we fix it, it will costs you more than RM 250+ what.
Me: Well, at least you should have tell me earlier!
HelpDesk: Okay, another option. You trade in this model, we give you 30% off the new model.
Me: No, I used less than 10 times in this 1.5 years and now it's spoilt.
HelpDesk: I can't do anything, warranty is over.
Me: Change a working unit for me at no costs.
HelpDesk: I can't do that.
Me: I am going to write a complain letter to your HQ.
HelpDesk: Can, go ahead. Call this number....
Me: Yes, I definitely would. HP? So unreliable? Worst of all, can't be fixed?!

Right now, am really pissed. If I've known earlier that this unit couldn't be repaired and that it's so unreliable, I would not buy it at all. I swear that I am not going to buy anymore Hewlett Packards' Printers, Fax and Scanners. They aren't reliable and worst of all, when there's a problem occurs, the technician couldn't fix it! I learn my lesson well and thanks HP for telling me that your products sucks! Calling yourself a multinational company? Hell no! Your people can't even fix a small machine like this. I don't trust your products anymore!


ling239 said...

oh dear... >.<"
ever notice why all these electrical items just give up right after the warranty lapse ? are they made that way nowadays? =.=" and yours seems to be talking in alien languague...

Kok said...

As far as I know, those multifunction machines of HP always caused problem. And don't buy multifunction stuff. It'll spoil easily. If you wanna use a scanner, buy a scanner. If you wanna use fax, buy a fax machine. Don't buy those don't-know-how-many-in-one-machine. Not reliable. Anyway, that's just a piece of advice from me. :)k

Tummythoz said...

Did I hop to d wrong blog? This is so not sweet demure meiyen. *hiding in corner shouting*
Hope you make an official complaint & let us know the outcome.

Baby Princess said...


cool down.

this happens everywhere. high-tech products go obsolete very fast. few thousands handphone will be the same...

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

What da crap... last thing i heard that's bad bout HP products was that my gf told me her fren's laptop screen started to hav spoilt pixel lines across d screen.
Din expect such bad quality n service from a company like HP. -_-'''

Cute Little Piggy said...

hahaha i had same problem too 2 years ago
it is a HP 5 series model
u r lucky
cause it spoilt on 1.5 year mine spoilt in 1.1 year
yup they charge me 250 for exchange a secondhand model.

babe_kl said...

actually to tell you the truth, this usually applies to most companies/brands as the parts and labour are more expensive to be replaced.

technology moves so fast, in fact too fast hence you'll noticed the models will be obsolete very very fast. if you survey these items every few months you'll notice the rate these models being replaced is usually very fast plus the price drop at times rather drastically.

so don't just get too heated up but please do write an official complaint.

SypruxWindchaser said...

u tot HP is bad? wait till u get a problem with microsoft. then you'll know why microsoft is evil :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hey..chill abit..
items such as this are often spoil and throw away items..the fact that it is mass produced makes repairing it very hard..and as you know since its a 1 year warranty, there have the legal rights by their side..

really boils down to luck really..i have items that break down the next day after the warranty..or some that seems to last forever..really just a case of bad luck..

hope you chill..bcoz this post really seems like a "I HATE HP" post..

Precious Pea said...

I guess many companies also doing it that way, my camera button fell off within 5 months and they said they need to charge me eventhough still under warranty as they said it's not parts problem. Got so angry and scolded them back if they are accusing me of using something to purposely korek the button out. They know they can't push their luck to con any money out of me, so in the end, he did it free.

MeiyeN said...

ling239, nevermind over da warranty issue.. what i am pissed is da way she explained to me!

kok, true enough! i learn my lesson!

tummythoz, i have already made an official complaint since yesterday noon but what da heck, they didn't even get back to me!

babyprincess, no matter what da problem is, i believe that there should be spare parts that can replace or fix it.. although da cost maybe high, it doesn't matter to me..

obi-kwan, trust me... for da very last time i am going to get HP products.. :)

cutelittlepiggy, see... they aren't reliable! i have a fax and printer machine (different brand).. been using it for like 8 years now, still working perfectly good! so... it's da matter of quality :)

babe_kl, i have already made an official complain yesterday but no respond from their side. nevermind, it's okay... to tell you da truth, it's not da matter of warranty period that am concerning.... it's just that i found out their products aren't reliable and worst of all, they don't want to fix it! i don't mind if they want to charge higher.. at least i know that it can be fixed. how can? no spare parts for a small unit like this? what a shame.... i have printers and fax machines of more than 8 years of usage.. still working perfectly good and they still have spare parts for it so why not HP? it still means their products aren't reliable.. their technicians are not meant to fix things but to tell us that, "no, you have to get a new unit from us!" that's how they make money i supposed :)

sypruxwindchaser, really? tell me bout it... interested to know! ;)

joe, not that i hate HP but i found out da truth... read my reply to babe :)

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, oh really? sounds bad too.... nowadays people make money unreasonably and glad to hear that they did it free for you but not in my case cause it's over da warranty period.. but am not concern on da warranty issue.. i am more concern on how could they tell me that it couldn't be fixed when they haven't even try? on and off button, that's it... i assume that they hire da technicians to tell customers to just change a unit rather than to fix it.. lousy service center!

Cute Little Piggy said...

that's y i change to use loan item. rather buy ink from that fella than buy the printer hahhaha

once sot then direct got a new one from supplier

sounds better hor?
but that thing will nv be ur property la
all the time need to order ink from them

at least i no need to headache and all my green nerve come out
when that thing sot

God of Food's said...

Yeah, HP is like this. After warranty, they wont look into it. They will tell you it's obsolote and you may get discount if you trade it your old. Don't buy the 2nd hand, it wont last long. Try to avoide HP printer, i had sent mine 2 time to repair when it's still under warranty. sigh

>>>Дζζ@П said...

Hi hi, still remember me mah? Allan here.. read your story, sigh.. is that a hp model 4255? just some tips for you, may be you can try this.. unplug ur hp printer, wait for 2 minutes, press and hold # and 6 on the front panel keypad while plugging in the
power cord. it will do a master reset for your printer.. and it will work again.. if this cant work, then can throw to tong sampah liao.. :P