Friday, August 10, 2007

Signature Tapas Set Menu @ La Bodega , Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar

We went to La Bodega (da one at Jalan Telawi 2) weeks ago for a leisurely dinner. Been here few times with a good friend of mine (who's now in New Zealand) many years ago. She was da one introduced this place to me and since then, I've been enjoying eating Spanish food!

That night, we went ahead to order their Signature Tapas Set Menu, ideal for 2 persons which costs about RM 75++ if I remember it correctly :) What I like over this set menu is that, we could choose any 4 Tapas followed by a Seafood Paella which I thought it's quite a good deal :)

A basket of Breads to accompany our Tapas

We first tried da Eggplant with Olive Oil, Chili and Herbs Tapas. Lovely and delicious sauce!

Next came was Chicken Sauteed in Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley. Da meat, oh very tender and they were all flavourful, yum!

Third choice of Tapas was da Fried Shrimp with Garlic Mayonnaise. Oooo... crispy and definitely one perfect match with da tangy, creamy Mayonnaise but just unfortunately that I didn't like it much though ;)

Da final and most yummy Tapas of da night, Button Mushrooms Sauteed in Olive Oil and Garlic, absolutely my favourite! Succulent and juicy, thumb up! ;)

Finished da Tapas, we moved on to my all-time favourite Seafood Paella. As you all know, am not a person who's obsessed with Rice but this one, just so different! When I had it for da very first time years ago, I totally fell madly in love with da moisture and creamy Saffron Rice :D Furthermore, da serving is really huge, with lotsa Prawns, Clams, Mussels and Green Peas.. no reason for me not to vote for it :)

Pretty stuffed but still couldn't resist to order da Tiramisu cause there was a 50% at that time we were there! Da Tiramisu was nicely presented, creamy and not soggy but lack of tastes so we didn't really fancy it.

Overall, we had a good dinner and I personally think that in terms of food, this outlet is much better than BSC branch, at least da serving, much bigger and da food, much tastier! :D


KampungboyCitygal said...

very reasonably priced..and the seafood paella look so good..50% on tiramisu, is it because they want to clear it off?

Kok said...

Among all, I like the mushrooms! So many dishes, can finish ah?:P

The tiramisu...hmm...frankly speaking, doesn't look as good as the one I had leh...

MeiyeN said...

citygal, oh... not mistaken every day after 7pm, da pastries are all 50% off...

kok, yeah.. mushrooms da best! we big eaters, sure can finish.. lol..

Cute Little Piggy said...

meiyen: all those only cost 75.00? very worth it wo

Cat Cat said...

Paella definitely looks good. One of my favourite food too!

Dazza said...

Came across your blog and your food reviews are fantastic. You must have put alot of effort in it, as there is new content every 2-3 days!

RM 75 for 2 persons is very worthy. The prawns look appetizing. Can't wait to try.

one burning question - how did you get around Penang in your last trip? Did you hire a car or took taxi every time? I plan to go there by air but getting around in town is a headache. Cabs are expensive and not reliable.

the team said...

we only admire this award winning cafe from opposite ( absolute chemistry ) but the food looks very class alright !

boo_licious said...

Yum, I love their tapas dishes. We usually have the meatballs and a jug of sangria to wash it all down.

Rasa Malaysia said...

The paella seems a little watery though...but it's a very hard dish to prepare right though. :)

wmw said...

Mushrooms are my favourite! Any sort, except the poisonous ones. :)

Jackson said...

wow... u really order a lot of food! I like their tapas too!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Can i have d seafood paella?
Looks absolutely delicious!

Oh isit part of the tapas set?

Makes me want to sink my teeth into those prawns & mussels!


Tummythoz said...

When I 1st tried paella it was there too. I was a bit sceptical since it is cooked with squid ink. One spoon & I was sold. Yummy!

Precious Pea said...

You mean RM75 for 4 tapas INCLUDING the paella????

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


tankiasu said...

Oh so near to my office but never try before.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

paella looks good..n i remember having it here b4..tastes quite good as well..

had paella at el cerdo though and i think the 1 at el cerdo taste way better!

MeiyeN said...

cutelittlepiggy, oh yeah.. rm 75++ (excluding desserts yah!):D

catcat, not only looks good but yummy! :D

dazza, thank you! :D we didn't hire a car back in penang.. think of it, we should have done.. it was freaking costly to take cabs around... and we were da victims :| what to do :(

theteam, really? let me try it out then.. :D

boo_licious, oh yeah... love their sangria too!

rasamalaysia, oh.. i like da watery sauce though.... we licked da whole plate clean :p

wmw, ^5!

jackson, ermm... it's already in da set though and da tapas came in a small plate, no worries.... definitely not too much and not too less for 2 persons! :D

xiulongbao, yeaps... da paella is in part of da tapas set menu.. try it out with csb ;)

tummythoz, yeahyeah... this's da place that makes me love spanish food! :D

preciouspea, yes.. absolutely correct! but let's not forget da ++ k ;)

lemongrass, go for it, go for it! :D

tankiasu, then you should really find a day and try da paella, it's yummy! :D

joe, really?!!! O_o okay.. i can't wait to go el cerdo!!!! :D