Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Choong Fong Restaurant @ Subang Village

Today, am feeling very exhausted and tired. No, not because of work but due to over-playing candles and lanterns last night, bear in mind that I have not fully recovered from my toe injury and I felt that my legs went "soar", my right leg's muscles cramped whole night and I suspect it was because I walk and stand too much! Anyways, no deny that I had a great mid-autumn celebration last night, had a yummy reunion dinner where all da dishes were perfectly cooked by my mom. Not long after da dinner, Mooncakes were served. All types of Mooncakes we had, from traditional Mooncakes to Jelly Mooncakes and I think I have overdosed on them that am feeling extremely fat right now! :( Also, I must thank my fiance buying me Haagen Dazs Ice cream Mooncakes. He actually remember that I heart my all-time favourite Ice cream Mooncakes and I seriously thought that this year he ain't gonna buy me any cause there were no signs that he was interested to buy considering that I hinted him whenever we passed by Haagen Dazs for da past few weeks! Well, I was so wrong until yesterday when he came over for dinner and surprised me with 2 pcs of them! Thank you so much, darling! :D

Back to serious matter, food! You know, there are times we really don't know where to eat and what to eat that we got to seek help from our parents. I remember that my parents used to bring me here, Choong Fong Restaurant ever since I was a kid and when I told darling about this Restaurant, surprisingly he told me da same thing too and that was when we decided to check out this Restaurant on our own! Needless to explain more, Choong Fong Restaurant has been here for quite a long time and it's located at Kampung Subang. We called this place as Subang Village and if you have a car, it's no hard to find this place.

Apparently, I found out that they have just renovated one small corner for its live Seafood to be displayed to da diners. Definitely one good idea and I believe that kids would definitely enjoy viewing them :D

We started our dinner with Steamed Fish. Da owner of da restaurant recommended us "White Spot" Fish and we gave it a try. We saw one of da staff caught our Fish alive and when it was served to our table, ooooooo how nice.... it was superbly fresh and steamed to perfection! I absolutely love da texture of this Fish and da sweetness flavour that comes from da Fish. Priced at RM 50 for this "White Spot" Fish, I must confess that it's absolutely worthy!

Second dish came later and it was a plate of Stir-fried Garlic "Tong Mou". I don't know how others feel about this Vege but we feel that it's definitely no easy to chew them. I mean da texture of it, it's like unbreakable lol.. still we eat it once in awhile ;) This plate of vege costs us RM 10 and we find it a little bit pricey cause da portion was small and we thought it would be more appropriate to charge RM 8, you know, standard price in "tai chow" places.

Next, we had Mantis Prawns and it's only RM 4 per pc! They are not too big and not too small so it's fair for that price. We had it done in "jiu yim" (salt baked) style and it was excellent, delicious!

Star of da night was da Salted Egg Crabs. They are having promotion now, only RM 28 per kg so it's really worthy as da Crabs that they served were meaty. Their version of Salted Egg is different as it comes with gravy and it impressed us cause it was our first time having gravy Salted Egg Crabs and it was all good! :D

Yes, we were greedy and we wanted more Crabs. Another 1kg of Spicy & Sour Crabs, so yummy especially when da Crabs were done in a more sour manner.

Something not to be missed when savouring Sour & Spicy Crabs, da Steamed Buns! Yeah... dip da "Man Tou" into da eggy gravy...... have it while it's still hot, ooooooo..... delicious! :D

One complete meal for us and da total bill, including a pot of Tea, tax and service charge, came to about RM 160+. I would say it's affordable since there were four of us and bear in mind, Seafood that we had; Fish, Mantis Prawns and Crabs! :D

Choong Fong Restaurant
8, Lorong 1D
Kampung Subang
40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-78461081


tankiasu said...

Me not good with seafood pricing, so can't really comment about the bill. But yea, they do look very tempting though. *slurp slurp*

Christy said...

Wow...RM160 for the White Spot fish, and 2 plates of crab in different style...reasonable :D
Seems like a nice place!~

KampungboyCitygal said...

whoa that's quite a lot for 4 person..real gluttons ..haha

ai wei said...

nice~ another delicious seafood meal again and the price is reasonable e

Timothy said...

Yeah .. agree with kbcg. But the seafood ... it's abundance .... real abundance ... !!!!

ling239 said...

the crabs !!!
now i got craving d, how leh... :p

Precious Pea said...

Oh yumzz!! Mantis prawns at RM4 per piece?? cheap. RM28 per kilo of crabs? CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Will try this place soon.

InkBlot said...

I'm also not too good with seafood pricing, but hey.. Crabs!

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, you sure you are not good at it? ;)

christy, yeah.... it's reasonable :D

citygal, haha... big eaters! ;)

aiwei, oh yes! do drop by.. :D

timothy, :D

ling239, hmm.. have crabs tonight then! ;)

preciouspea, no kidding.. it's that cheap ;)

Amidrin said...

wow, the seafood looks really nice and delicious. And it's cheap too. Really a good place to go for seafood next time. Thanks for introducing it. By the way, I hope your injured leg is all right now.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have tag you hope you don't mind. It's an easy one please visit


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Hey! Greetings from UK. Just moved into my accommodation.
I've been to that restaurant before, but many moons ago. :p (pun intended to coincide with mooncake festival. :p)

Jackson said...

hey... the food is cheap!! The vege is called "thong Ou" and this is one of my favourite vege especially during steamboat!!

wenching & esiong said...

wow, what attracts me most is the spicy and sour crab. it's been a long time since i last ate it. yeah, and i love the steamed buns too!

btw, hope ur toe injury will recover soon!

MamaBoK said...

That's alot of crap.. MY..!!

MeiyeN said...

amidrin, gonna do my homework soon! :D

obi-kwan, boy.. i bet uncle bob gonna miss you... no "kaki" to play "magic" with him anymore huh? :( anyways, i am more than happier knowing that you have safely landed in uk! all da best to you... keep in touch and do let us know how's things going on there alright?

jackson, oh..... but it's hard to chew right? :p

mamabok, hahaha... we love crabs! :D

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Hey MY, replied to the tagboard msg u posted. Keep an eye on my blog.
My email is in the tagboard reply.
Keep posting the good food!