Friday, September 28, 2007

Dad & Mom's 28th Wedding Anniversary Dinner @ Summer Palace Restaurant, Wisma Dijaya Damansara

Every year 2 days after Mid-autumn festival would be my dad and mom's wedding anniversary. This time around, we celebrated this memorable day of our parents in Summer Palace Restaurant. Located at Wisma Dijaya, Damansara, Summer Palace Restaurant is another conceptual fine Chinese cuisine restaurant under da Tai Thong Group.

Seriously, I couldn't really believe that time is flying. I remember that last year we had a great celebration together with my aunty and cousins in Royal China Restaurant which is also under da Tai Thong Group and it feels like it just happened recently! Since my parents' anniversary fell on a weekday (yesterday) this year, we had it really simple, only five of us dined together and to see my parents been so loving towards each other throughout these years is such a blessing to all of us in da family, Happy 28th Anniversary Dad & Mom! :D

Da dinner started off with Shark's Fin and Fish Lips Soup. Served with lotsa Crab meats and Mushrooms, we absolutely loved this tasteful and rich in protein Soup :) Best of all, it only costs about RM 1++ since we had a special discounted voucher complimentary from Tai Thong da last time we dined in.

Mom wanted to have Roasted Chicken and we had if half bird (RM20++). Well, it's really simple and never knew that it actually tastes so good until yesterday. No wonder mom never stopped raving over da Roasted Chicken at Tai Thong. Simply fragrant, da skin so crispy while da meat, real juicy!

As for veges selection, we went for a plate of Stir-fried Lotus Root (RM 15++). Da thinly sliced Lotus Roots were served along with Water Chestnut, Sweet Beans and Black Fungus. Don't know why but I love eating Lotus Roots perhaps one of da reason is because of its beautiful pattern and aside from that, this dish has a perfect combination of other veges that there's no reason for me not to recommend this dish to you people :)

Everyone in da family knows that I love Prawns so this dish was specially ordered for me eventhough dad, mom and fiance don't really fancy Prawns due to da fact that Prawns are very high in cholesterol and they don't want to risk themselves. No worries, sis and I could easily wallop them. I was clueless, not too sure how I want my Prawns to be cooked in which way hence dad asked them to have da Prawns steamed. Goodness, I loved it!!!!!! Da Prawns were tremendously fresh, springy and having it steamed with Eggs, oh soooooo soooooo delicious! Priced at RM 35++, it's reasonable I must say :)

Also, we had a plate of Beancurd (RM 15++). I find this dish rather unique and interesting. My first time having Beancurd and Omelette being steamed together, braised with flavourful gravy. How they do that? Hmmm.... da toppings were excellent too with generous amount of sliced Mushrooms and Veges, yummy!

For Dessert, each of us had a bowl of "Tao Foo Fa", complimentary from one of da assistant manager here. Boy oh boy, had it not because of his kindness, I don't even remember when was da last time I actually had "Tao Foo Fa" :)

Overall, one good dinner for us. We actually frequent this place since 5 years ago and food here have never failed to satisfy us. We also give thumbs up to da staffs here as they are all kind and very attentive to our needs especially when it comes to arranging group dinners for my family and relatives. Had a few events here, mainly birthday celebrations and it was all good, as always!

Summer Palace Restaurant
101, Ground Floor
Wisma Dijaya
Jalan Ss20/1
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77268616

*located opposite Damansara Intan


ling239 said...

i love prawns too ~
give me 5... ^_^

Christy said...

Happy 28th Anniversary to MeiYen's Mum and Dad too!!
This restaurant really serves food at a reasonable price and well-cooked too; not too oily:D

And tau foo fa!! My favourite; was it smooth?;)

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! what a great celebration... with nice food and loved ones :)
Good good!

Precious Pea said...

I heard that the food at this outlet not too bad, but so near my house yet i have not tried. anniversary coming...hehehe. ;)

MeiyeN said...

ling239, yeah... ^5!!!! :D

christy, thanks! and yes, less oil, good for our health! :D

christine, thank you! :)

preciouspea, this rest has been here for many years and so far, we have no complaints at all :) you may want to bring your hubby here on your anniversary since it's coming soon! :D

ai wei said...

happy anniversary to your parents. haha~ i love prawn too! looks delicious e~

Cutie said...

This place is really darn good. I use to go there pretty often but nowadays less. Their noodles are pretty good too. And I like the way they serve their dishes. They will cover it when carrying the dish over to your table.

MeiyeN said...

aiwei, thanks! i assume that gals love prawns! ;)

cutie, yeah.. i like their "sau meen" :D

team bsg said...

after all is said and eaten , we firmly believe Chinese Restaurants like this is most satisfying...full, with wide ranging menu , tasty , then got ying and yang. perfect to celebrate (love) right !
Our fave used to be Rasa Sayang / Overseas / Six Happiness those days, even the Tai Tong one in SS2

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Talking about prawns, unkaleong, Allan and I went to Loong Foong in Paramount gardens last night. And we had a Kum Kwa dish. Basically, Scallops, yue piu, mushrooms and all sorts of good stuff. Yummy. :-) Hope you're well Mei Yen

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..28 years..thats a very very long time..happy anniversary to ur parents! and wat a way to celebrate too also!

Jason said...

Hope your toe get well soon. and Happy Anniversary to your parents!

wenching & esiong said...

happy anniversary to your parents! the food looks good, seems like u had a great time! :)

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, true enough! i think TT group of restaurants still da best though..... :)

nigel, i am fine! what about you? that sounds really yummy!!!!! let's see when i have da time to drop by loong foong! :D

joe, thanks! :D

jason, thanks... still in da mode of recovering, not fully recovered though :|

wenching&esiong, thank you! oh yes we did! it's definitely one special day for my parents and also for us.. very happy for them and feel proud of my parents! :)

MamaBoK said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents.. MY..! food is great.. and cheap here.. must visit .. when i come home.. :)