Friday, September 07, 2007

Little Vietnam @ Midvalley

We watched "Black Sheep" at GSC Midvalley and before da movie, we decided to have dinner in Little Vietnam. Located on da highest floor of Midvalley (same floor as GSC), I find this restaurant rather unique although da capacity of this place isn't that huge. I remember that we came here once for dinner a year back and find da food here not too bad but I didn't write any review on my past visit cause I forgot to bring my camera, how ironic. Hence this time, I made sure that I put my camera inside my bag before I left da house :D

We were feeling hungry that night and started with a generous serving of Vietnamese Sampler (RM 14.90). Very big portion indeed for da two of us ;)

Da Rice Paper Rolls were pretty standard, nicely wrapped and soft, yummy!

Next, we tried da Deep-fried Spring Roll. Surprise, surprise... there were no oily! Loved it, especially when it's served piping hot.

This Beansprouts in sesame and soy sauce were rather plain and hard, like too "raw" so I didn't quite like it.. :|

Thumbs up for da char grilled Chicken Meat Ball, tender, yummy and da sauce... goes so well with it :D

I liked this da most, Sugarcane Prawn. I don't know why they named this as Sugarcane Prawn when that were actually Lemongrass. Yeaps, Prawn on Lemongrass and not Sugarcane. Still, da lovely smoky Bbq Prawn flavour has my vote, delicious!

For mains, darling went for da Cold Vermicelli. Priced at RM 8.80, it's served with Chicken Sausage and Spring Roll (again!). Lucky thing that da Spring Roll were good if not, I don't think we could finish them up since there were so many of them, lol! I had one bite of da Chicken Sausage and I loved it, tastes so different and looks so different, flat and thin, definitely not da normal kind of Chicken Sausage which is long and think ;)

As for myself, I had Rice Noodle, which they called it as "Hu Tieu". Priced at RM 12.90, it's served with one plate of char grilled Lemongrass Chicken. Tastes good but da meat were rather dry. As for da noodles, definitely not da usual ones... thinner and softer while da soup, real good cause I didn't feel thirsty at all right after my dinner. I assumed no MSG added to my soup ;)

I saw da bill, RM 40. That's very affordable compare to other Vietnamese eateries. We left Little Vietnam with a heavy tummy, oh my god... we were so full!!!!! We will definitely come back for more.. ;)

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Xiu Long Bao said...

So cheap n affordable for such a big portion! Will drop by soon :)

Kok said...

This is definitely worth every single cent. So cheap yet so many varieties! One serve of sugarcane prawn for me pls! Thanks!:P

Amidrin said...

I always go to Little Vietnam at least once a month because my work place is at Mid Valley. I usually oder the Hue Beef Hu Tieu (RM 14) or their Tom Yam (RM 8.50), or their Poridge (RM 8)or for a healthier selection, the 5 Color Mix Rice (RM 8). All these taste really not bad at all. Maybe you can try it out on your next visit. Oh, I like the Vietnamese Sampler too!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Yeah, the sugarcane prawn is always a winner. In the US, it's longer, they don't cut it up like the one on your picture. ;)

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, yeah... and i shall wait for your review soon k? :)

kok, haha... so come back soon to kl! :D

amidrin, oh sure! thanks for your recommendation.. will take note on that ;)

rasamalaysia, yeah.. yummz! maybe you can try making it on your own? ;)

team bsg said...

This is a great place to introduce vietnamese food , which is quite simple , very green and (healthy ).
But hey u 2 can eat ! ( hope u din fell asleep inside 45 mins later )

myCoffee said...

The Vietnamese Sampler looks yummy and good value as well. This is the one located below/next to CoDo right?

cookies_cream said...

Sugarcane prawnie...I want I want! ooo, and the chicken meat ball! :O

Ee Chian said...

gosh... thats really really cheap!

KampungboyCitygal said...

eh..thanks was telling kgboy tat theres ntg to eat at MV..heheh this place looks good, with reasonable price and nice ambiance

wenching & esiong said...

is it next to codo? i've been to codo but i haven tried little vietname before. i think codo is quite good, but i'll try this place out next time! :)

Jackson said...

i guess its time for me to revisit tem again...hehe

Christy said...

"Lemongrass" prawns looks nice...hehe:)
But RM40 for 2 is reasonable; I am surprised! :)
I am wondering whether it's the Lemongrass which made you laugh in the cinema...hehe:)

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, haha.. we are big eaters, as always! ;) nope, i didn't fall asleep.. "black sheep" is way too funny... lol

mycoffee, yes yes!!! go try it yeah.. :D

cookiescream, yummy! go get it soon.. :D

eechian, yeah... furthermore it's not easy to get cheap food in a shopping mall so.. this place is cool! :D

citygal, hehe yes..! remember we were discussing how pathetic it's to look for food in shopping malls? this place is highly recommended ;)

wenching&esiong, oh... it's actually below codo ;) as for us, never been to codo.. heard not that bad too.. most probably will drop by da next time i am @ mv...

jackson, yeah.. do try their appetizer... yummy!

christy, oh yes, affordable and delicious! and... no, it's not da lemongrass.. da movie itself ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh! it a must on my visit list... love them a lot.

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

oh my oh, i am attracted by their otak otak, will visit it for coming weekend.