Monday, October 29, 2007

I missed my childhood days!

Weekend is over so quickly and it's Monday again :( Anyways, I had a good one. Celebrated my lunar birthday with family and fiance, finally had da chance to go for a Dim Sum Buffet Brunch at The Westin Hotel yesterday and there after, to da Pavillion for J.Co Donuts. Came night time, we had a reunion dinner with my childhood friends along with both our families and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it.

When I was a little gal, I used to stay next to a very kind and humble family where I spent most of my time playing almost everything in their house. Although they are much older than me but da bond is there. They treated me like their own little sista and I just loved to be with them. Bear in mind, I was only 2-3 years old back then and for some reasons, I just got so hooked to them. I remember how very much they cared for me, loved me and brought me to da field every evening for a walk. I remember all da "masak-masak" session we had in da field, yeah.. we brought our own cooking utensils to da field and play/cook. I remember how I fell in love playing da piano and that's because they had taught me to play it. I remember all da precious moments of ours so well, really!

When I turned 5, we got separated. I no longer stayed next to them, we moved to where I am currently staying now and I was sad of course. Mom promised me that she would bring me to their place whenever she's free and mom kept her promise. Came weekends, I would pack my stuff and stay over night at their place. Both da sistas usually would tucked me into sleep by reading me bedtime stories and we would usually go for swimming da very next day. It was really fun and I truly enjoyed my childhood days back then. We continued to see each other occasionally till when all of us had to persuade our own dreams; went overseas to study and there after, stepped into intense working world.

For so many years, we still keep in touch with each other but not like before anymore. Meet up once every Chinese New Year and sometimes once few years and it's really hard to gather everyone considering that one of them already residing in Melbourne and yesterday was da night, one memorable night that all of us managed to sit on da same table, had a good dinner and laughed out our past memories. I missed them... I missed those childhood days of mine. Although we are all so grown up, da sistas already married while da brother still hunting for a good wifey and I am already engaged, da bond of love and care we used to have would never break apart. We are still good friends and always will be :)

My childhood friends and spouses, I missed you all alot :( I hope that we can have more of this days... just like yesternight. *Hugz*


Coketai said...

Touching! Touching! old time memory is always stay deep inside our heart, just like eating marvelous noti canai will make remember for long long time!!

So:Good Food is Good Life and Good Life is Good food!!


Xiu Long Bao said...

Sweet one! I so missed my childhood days...not really carefree cus always kena rotan by mum....but i enjoyed the weekend 'masak-masak' session as well :D

Christy said... you are making me miss my childhood days too:(
They are so sweet and filled with beautiful memories which will forever be in my heart:)

MamaBoK said...

That's so nice..!! but you must be a really cute lil' gal too.. when you were a kid.. ;)
And yes. .it's nice to remember those that had been good to us.. ;)