Monday, October 08, 2007

One good weekend, I had!

I feel pretty good today, kinda energetic to start my day although it's Monday. Weekend was all good, watched Resident Evil on Friday night. Da movie was okay only but I enjoyed da movie very much due to da fact that we were comfortably seated in our seats, yes..... GOLD CLASS! True enough that it's a little bit pricey to watch a movie in Gold Class but you know, sometimes it's worth da money to pamper ourselves once in a blue moon, agree? :D

Very much busy with works on a Saturday noon while others enjoyed their off day. Came night time, dinner with my family (one whole bunch of us) in Sam Yau Restaurant, Serdang, a complimentary dinner from my cousin's uncle. Dinner ended very late, around 11pm and by da time we reached home, it was already 12am+!

Moi and my cutie nieces @ aunty's house, love them lots!!!!! :D

Michelle, da naughtiest of all, cheeky and playful!

Then came yesterday (Sunday), woke up pretty early, around 10am I think and thanks to my dad for waking us up as he wanted to go for an early breakfast at our nearby "Kopitiam" so that he could be on time to watch da Shanghai Formula 1 Grand Prix. I guess that's how I get so addicted with Formula 1, it's very obvious that it comes all day way from dad's genes! Yay, superbly happy to see Raikkonen won yesterday race with Massa along, 3rd place. So, it's not over..... Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton gonna "fight" with each other to win da final grand prix weeks from now, really can't wait to see that race and I seriously hope that Raikkonen gonna be da winner, after all, am a die-hard Ferrari fan!

After da race, we were all rushing to shower, dress up and make over. We got to be at Shangri-La Hotel for da Ballroom Dance Championships, also a charity event which was organized by my uncle and attended by Datin Seri Wendy Ong. It was definitely one wonderful and meaningful event where we were served with fine Chinese cuisine and most importantly, we got to see how graceful da participants that came from all kind of races and countries took part in this Ballroom Dance contest. They were really good and their dresses, costumes, oh so beautiful! I regret, I really regret that I didn't join da Ballroom Dance classes previously and even though I would love to get lessons from my uncle right now, my fiance wouldn't allow me to go for it, how sad! :( Da event ended at 12am+ and am very happy that we did a good deed in aid of alzheimer's disease ;)

Da Ballroom Dance Championships

Da Menu, yummzz ;)

Best of sistas ;)

Me, myself and I :)


Check out this video, da kids rocks man!!!!


Let's dance!

That's my weekend update, coming up next is food review ;)


Christy said...

Wow, lucky you!! I always LOVED ballroom dance competitions but I never did have the chance to watch it live yet!
It must have been a great night!:D

teckiee said...

wahh!!! attending dancesport championships..esp first row tables.. are always super expensive..cannot afford the rm400++ tickets all the time.

MamaBoK said...

How come the fiance wouldn't let you take lessons leh...??

ling239 said...

heard so much abt the gold class thingy but yet to try that out, heard that they serve drinks too...

i had been praying very hard for Kimi to win this year's championship ~ ^_^

MeiyeN said...

christy, yeah.. such a glamour night.. their dresses.... oh so so beautiful! :D

teckiee, true.... actually it's more than that... O_o but somehow or rather it's for charity so we go for it... and it's worthy!

mamabok, haha.. that you got to ask him... he thinks that it's a sin to dance with someone else and not to dance with him.... :p

MeiyeN said...

ling239, oh they serve drinks but not foc one yah.... ;) you got to order from da counter, pay and they will serve right away after da show starts..... :D

^5...... let's pray hard.... raikkonen gonna win, win, win! :D

wmw said...

hahaha...then get B to take up dancing lessons lo!

~Christine~Leng said...

wow.. a dancesport championship? sure exciting! I love to watch ppl dance!

MeiyeN said...

wmw, just too bad that he's not interested with it at all...:(

christine, oh yes..... very exciting indeed! :D

team bsg said...

I wan , V want , us wan , ALL want da me , myself and I .
Now ! Kwik ...drool drool drool
kanonot pleaseeeeeeeee

KampungboyCitygal said...

i lurve ur dress..nose bleeding liao hahaha

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, wah... hahahaha no need to drool...i bet you have seen better looking ones since you always tour around da "happening" places ;) ekekekeke...

citygal, thanks! ahaha like so "kua cheung" already.. nose bleeding pulak..

wenching & esiong said...

wow, i would really want to watch it live, i'm sure it would be really nice! what an eventful weekend that u had! :)

ai wei said...

dancing competition?! i love to watch ppl dancing. and you're very pretty in ur dress ~

Big Boys Oven said...

Such adorable nieces you have there and so are you!

MeiyeN said...

wenching&esiong, oh maybe you can wait for next year... my uncle organize this ballroom dance championships every year :)

aiwei, thanks! :) it's really nice to watch it live... i love their dresses soooo soooo much! :D

bigboysoven, oh yeah... not only adorable... very cheeky and naughty too!! and thanks for your compliment haha..