Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dim Sum Buffet Brunch @ Eest, The Westin Hotel KL

For many months, I had been craving for Dim Sum and finally got to have a scrumptious Dim Sum Brunch Buffet @ Eest, The Westin Hotel. I know that there are many good Dim Sum Restaurants around in KL/PJ and it wasn't necessary to choose such a posh place to have yummy Dim Sum, agree? Da reason why we chose Eest was because we wanted to go Pavillion, just a walking distance from The Westin, very convenient and also because we have da Starwood Privilege Card, so we were entitled to have 50% off from da actual price. Such a good deal right? Eat all you can for da priced of RM 58++ per pax and for us, we only paid RM 58++ for 2 persons! :D

It was our first time to Eest and seriously this place is posh! Good ambience with beautiful interior design but too bad everything over here is Black in colour which I don't favour at all. Can you imagine to dine here during Chinese New Year when things supposed to be in auspicious colors like Red, Yellow and Orange? Yeah, call me superstitious, I bet da elderly wouldn't agree to dine here :p

We were supposed to start our Dim Sum Brunch with a complimentary Appetizer Platter but disappointedly, they served us much later which was after a few servings of our ordered Dim Sum. Nothing much to shout about cause everything in da Platter were served cold :|

Basically, it's pretty easy to order da Dim Sum here. A Black in colour menu is given and just order whatever you want from da Menu. It's table served so you don't have to go around like any other Buffets to get your favourite items. Take your own sweet time to order as they start to serve from 11.30am until 2.30pm (last order).

Let's begin da feast from da Signature column......

We had Poached Beijing style Chicken Dumpling dressed with Spicy Sauce. Tastes okay, da meat were tender but definitely not spicy, not even a hint of spicy taste, really don't know why they are so daring.. to state in da menu that this Dumpling is dressed with Spicy sauce :|

Stir-fried Radish Cake with Belacan Sauce. Another name for this, Turnip Cake. Served hot, not too soft, spongy texture..... yummy!

On your left, it's da Crystal Prawn Dumpling "Har Kau" with dried Scallop while on your right, it's da Shrimp & Chicken Dumpling topped with Fish Roe, phew.... what a long name. Isn't that supposed to be "Siu Mai"? ;) Da "Har Kau" was very nice, huge Prawn and da skin were not too thick. As for da "Siu Mai", it seemed that there were very little Fish Roe topping, so stingy I thought but darling didn't want to give any bad comments yet as he think that it may gets better to order another basket of "Siu Mai" to justify it. Bah...... same thing, little topping! :(

Oven-baked mini Egg Tarts with Caramel and Cinnamon. Ooo...... sweet, sweet treat! Like da flaky skin texture of it and also da creamy eggy custard filling. I remember I had 2 orders of these :D

Okay, we sampled all da items in da Signature column and we thought, "Oh no.... not too good even they are da best?!!!!! What about da rest?" We shall see.......

Surprise, surprise! "Xiu Loong Bao" isn't their signature item!!!!! Listed from da Steamer, this Shanghai Dumpling was rather different as it's made of Chicken and Crab Meat, no pork so I guess that's why it's not qualified to be under da best :p Though no porky filling, it was all good, juicy and da skin, just at da right layers, not too thick and not too thin. We had 2 baskets of these....

I love "Chee Cheung Fun" and it's pretty amazed to know that they serve various kinds of "Cheung Fun". I went ahead to order da Shrimps & Asparagus version and I was shocked to find out that there were no Asparagus but I found "Choy Sum" lying on both sides of da rolled flat rice noodles. Very disappointed as there were little Shrimps given and I almost wanted to ask them why there weren't any Asparagus but I held back my words when I saw da next table too discussing da same issue. I bet they must had ran out of Asparagus, what a shame!

From da Ovens and Woks, we had Bean Curd Skin Rolls with Cheese & Seafood. Whoaa... honestly, I loved this maybe because it's filled with Cheese, my favourite! Da Bean Curd were lightly fried so not oily but Seafood? Haha..... I doubt so there were any Seafood inside :p

Listed from da Garden, we had Pomegranate Dumpling Scented with Truffle Oil. My god, such a posh and elegant name lol.... Seriously, nothing much inside... only mixed shredded Veges like in a normal "Poh Piah" but with different skin of course. However normal, it tastes quite okay :)

Another item from da Garden, Steamed Cabbage Roll with Mushroom and Soy Bean Paste. I must confess that I heart this very much. Served piping hot, I find it very special as da Soybean milk surprisingly didn't over power da actual taste of da Cabbage Roll and it goes so well with da Mushroom filling!

Sweet Bean Curd Parcel with Teriyaki Sauce also another item from da Garden. Very good, da Bean Curd are those that we usually sample at Japanese Restaurants, sweet and juicy!

Darling wanted to try their Congee there are many selections like Shredded Chicken, Fish, Beef & Egg, Fish Ball and Sun-dried Scallop but since I love Seafood, he opt for da Seafood Porridge. One word, bad! Really uncool okay. First, it wasn't hot or even warm. Secondly, there were little Seafood inside our Congee and mainly only tiny Squid and Fish. Thirdly, da Porridge were not soft and I was 100% sure that I could cook better than this!

From Congee, we moved ourselves to Noodles. We had Phad Thai Kung Sod since it's highly recommended by da staff. I like da texture of da Noodles, flat and thin kind but unfortunately, it's too spicy for me. Burning......

We didn't manage to sample their Rice, Buns and Wok items as were too full so we gave green lights to da Dessert ;)

Firstly, we tried their Mango Pudding topped with Blueberries. Creamy and tasty, yummz!

Next up, Green Tea Ice cream topped with Red Bean. Da Ice cream not creamy, very icy... okay only.

Finally, Double-boiled Apple & Aloe Vera in Rock Sugar. Served cold, find this refreshing and delicacies for those who are not feeling too well, me! :p

Towards da end of our Brunch, we saw our next table couple kept complaining to da staffs. Not once but twice okay and da reasons were because she found flies in her Dim Sum serving and not long after, there were hair strand in her Double-boiled Dessert! O_o Could see that they were very angry and disappointed. Thankfully, ours were all okay.... :D

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Mei Yen,

All the lovely & tempting food photos certainly make me hungry!

Fortunately feasting the eyes is not quite the same as feeding the stomach.

Otherwise I have to see my tailor pretty soon to change my pants' waistlines!

When food for thoughts is needed, please visit/share/comment on my blog



Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Motivation In Motion
Tue. 13th Nov. 2007.

ling239 said...

hotel standard...luckily no hair and flies for both of u... =.="

the Egg Tarts with Caramel and Cinnamon looks good ~ ^_^

Christy said...

Wowww!!! That's a lot of food!!!:O
Posh dim sum breakfast....wow.....
The double boiled apple and aloe vera looks nice:)
And that asparagus thing was definitely embarassing for the hotel...mismatch from their menu..sighs!

Cutie said...

Oh, the Starwood card. I didn't apply as my fiance and I felt not worth it. Hehe... Maybe when we want to go visit Westin Prego we borrow from you. But anyway, i never find hotel dim sum good. Thank god yours is served without hair.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well its not called siu mai maybe bcoz its pork free..well the prawn roe isnt exactly a must in siu mai, rather its like a deco thing..haha u r indeed very particular!

really shocked with the hair/flies incidents..oh dear me..

wenching & esiong said...

Omg, flies in the Dim Sum for a restaurant in a hotel? That sounds scary. But the presentation of the food looks good though.

teckiee said...

sounds like a decent dim sum. might just try it out.

wmw said...

Well, if no additional "ingredients" in the dim sum here, dim sum will always have a place in my heart and tummy! :o)

MeiyeN said...

samuel, hi... thanks for dropping by! will hop by your side soon ;)

ling239, yeah.. we were very lucky! :D

christy, exactly... they should really take out "asparagus" from their menu, what a shame! :|

cutie, no problem... anytime! ;)

joe, really? i didn't know that :p i really thought that fish roe is a must for "siu mai" topping :p

wenching&esiong, yeah.. very posh but food okay only.. not really too good! pity our next table couple... not too sure if their brunch were free of charge though :p

teckiee, especially if you are a starwood member, worthy ;)

wmw, :D judging from your previous posts on dim sum, i definitely know you heart dim sum.. ;)

Nic (KHKL) said...

I thought Chee Cheong Fun with "Choy Sum" was kinda weird, dont you think?

~Christine~Leng said...

Having dim sum in a very posh place somehow gave me the thought of not having the best dim sums around..

somehow.. RM58++ for 2 in a hotel? "very dai!" haha... you're a member?

Kelly Mahoney said...

What a spread! Those dumplings look delicious. I can't have mango, I'm allergic, but that presentation is so tempting.

Xiu Long Bao said...

I tried their dimsum brunch before, find it quite good though menu is kinda limited. Somehow their garlic fried rice (i tot it is supposed to be jap food) was wonderfully superb!

Big Boys Oven said...

the ending of your post really shocking.....OMGoodness! That is a nightmare.

MeiyeN said...

nic, absolutely! :p

christine, hmmmmm.. quite true also! just like a plate of "char keow teow" at hawker stall will never be able to beat a plate of "posh" ckt at high class restaurants ;)

kelly, hi.. thanks for dropping by! it's such a pity that you are allergy to mango but i guess it's normal.. some people, they are allergy to seafood while for me, i am allergy to black sesame ice cream!!! O_o

xiulongbao, oh you tried before.. when was that?

bigboysoven, haha yeah.. we were very shocked too! but am sure that da management did offer them some foc stuff ;)

Amidrin said...

wow! long time I didn't have dim sum. This reminds me of the best dim sum I had in Hong Kong many many years ago. hehe...

I have tag you at http://amidrin.blogspot.com/2007/11/crazy-8-meme.html

Precious Pea said...

Everything looks to good...so deceiving. Somemore got flies! if you want to try good halal dim sum, the chinese restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Centre not too bad.

jasmine said...

looks like quite a good deal for 2 !

MeiyeN said...

amidrin, since dim sum is originally from hong kong.. no doubt that they are da best! you are lucky.. i wish to fly there to have yummy dim sum!
oopss... i forgot about da tag, will do it soon.. sorry!

preciouspea, ohh... da one at bukit kiara?

Russell said...

Hello meiyen. =)

The Starwood Privilege sounds nice.*drool* but is actually those dimsums are making me drool. haha! They even offer special accomodation and dining privilege in Asia pacific. wow! But how to apply to be a member? Is it expensive? =/

MeiyeN said...

jasmine, yeah.. absolutely!

russell, hi! i don't know if it's too expensive for you but if you are really interested, leave down your e-mail to me and i shall tell you more :)

Rasa Malaysia said...

I didn't know that Eest has dim sum I thought it's a fusion restaurant, read about it on Travel & Leisure magazine in the US. Coincidentlly, I did a small photography project when I was in Penang, dim sum / shanghainese food, go check it out on my site.

Anyway, have missed out a lot of your posts, was sooooo busy in the past 6 weeks or so. :P

Russell said...


Alrightey! these are my e-mails. Take your own sweet time. No rush. haha!

russbear_86@hotmail.com or

goodness. i'm still drooling. O.o'

thanks a bunch.

Johnny Ong said...

knew abt this dim sum thing in westin and at last i got to read a review abt that place. anor blog where i can chk out on various eateries

MamaBoK said...

Yummy..!! dim sum is my absolute favourite.. but then hor.. i've so many favourites.. mauahahahha!