Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Monday & Happy Wedding to Mei Li & Vincent!

Hi people,

Happy Monday! No, no Monday blues for me. Feeling quite good today and am really sorry for da lack of updates as I had not been feeling too well and was way busy with my work. Promise that I shall update my food reviews as soonest possible yah...

Meanwhile, I would like to wish a very good friend of mine, Mei Li and her hubby, Vincent, Happy Wedding!

A wedding is the entrance to a marriage:
One drives through, and suddenly one's there!
Stepping from a fairy tale carriage
Into quite ordinary air.
Life is now a dance, though beautiful,
Requiring intense coordination;
Each self becomes, in ways inscrutable,
More fully what it is in combination.
And we who love you wait, of course, outside
As you become through love that mystery:
One flesh made whole of separate groom and bride;
Two selves, one life; two notes, one harmony.
When you are one, we then may cherish two:
Loving not just one, but both of you.


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Take care of urself.
Too much stress can be killer.
Hope ur stress-relief Teddy Bear is not spending too much time on d golf course.

MeiyeN said...

obi-kwan, i thought i am a very strong person but when one kind of a sickness hit me, i realised that i am not that strong and actually not capable to take care of myself :( it's true that i had been very stress cause i didn't manage to get well although i'd seen many different types of doctor and finally, i found da answer... da medicine lies within myself and i have to treat myself... i am thankful that i have uncle bob, family members and friends to support me and i am in da process of healing.... no worries, my "teddy bear" been such a darling, thanks for being so caring and i hope you are doing good over there!

Christy said...

Another sweet wedding!!:)
I am sure your wedding next year will be a beautiful one!~ :D
And do take care of yourself ya, don't let work affect your health too much (although I am also on the same boat:p )
Take care sweetie!~