Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stone Grilled Rice @ Kim Gary, The Curve

There are lotsa eateries at The Curve and sometimes we do feel undecided which place we should walk in for a scrumptious meal. Darling was suggesting Kim Gary cause it's been quite long ago since da last time we had a meal in "chan teng", furthermore we had never tried da outlet here so we decided to walk in, seated and checked through their menu. I was surprised though cause there's a big change in their menu, everything looked so different compare to last time. Think of it, da last time I actually ate in Kim Gary was last year at da Pyramid outlet. Seems like purple colour is no longer a hit colour as they changed da theme colour to yellow once again! :D

My other half decided to order their Stone Grilled Rice set and he went for Seafood in Japanese Style. I bet it's new in da menu cause we didn't get to try this one year ago. For da priced of RM 16.90++, da set is served with Soup and Drink. When it was served to our table I find this hot pot rice so aromatic and I absolutely loved that kind of smell. I tell ya, da pot is freaking hot and never ever let your fingers to touch it unless you wanna get burned :p So, it's Seafood Rice and da main actors here would be da Baby Octopus, Unagi, Fish Ball and Crab stick, there's no Crabmeat as stated in da menu, kay! That's cheating :p Besides Seafood, there were abundance of Enoki Mushrooms, a sunny-side up Egg, some Kim Chi and green Soya Beans, like Edamame. Tastes wise, really good, really yummy, especially when darling tossed up da sauce all over his Rice but... yes, there's a BUT! It's a bit annoying to eat this superbly hot pot rice cause you got to continuing stir da rice from da bottom to avoid getting them burn! No joke kay, it's so hot that it's actually very hard to savour them. I had a few spoonful of da Rice and darling got to keep blowing da supa dupa hot rice for me. Well, as said, good is good but it's really lotsa of hard work and patience to eat them...

This's da sauce for da Rice, trust me, it wouldn't be nice without this sauce!

I wasn't feeling too hungry, ended up having their Ham & Cheese Sandwich. Sorry, don't quite remember how much it costs, should be less than RM 5. Nicely toasted, but I would love to have da cheese melted rather than to eat it da hard way, so I waited quite some time to let da heat melt da cheese but it wasn't hot enough to melt all of them :(

French Toast, we are so freaking crazy over "chan tengs" French Toast and a must order item for us! So creamy, so buttery, yummy! :D

All in all, nothing much to complain except for da superbly hot pot rice, really.. da pot is just too hot and it's dangerous too especially when serves to children. Although it's special, I hope they gonna do something about it, whether to change da hot pot to a not so hot pot or whatever it's, they should really consider doing so.

*Psttt... am really happy today! Feeling excited too.... cause am counting down da days to my "big day" and it's exactly one year from now!!!! *grin*


ling239 said...

got it !!

221108 ~ ^0^

Christy said...

Haha....yaya, I had this the last time I was in Korea...just find it funny how it ended up in a Hongkie-style char chan teng:p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha..on my blog birthday?? kekeke..

i rather have the korean hotpot rice..

Nic (KHKL) said...

hotpots are very dangerous! they should cover up the sides so that ppl will not be able to touch it. this has been practiced in some japanese fastfood chains.

MeiyeN said...

ling239, hehe yeah.. *shy*

christy, most probably they want to have more varieties that's why they stated in their menu as korea/jap hot pot rice ;)

joe, haha... yeah! to be truthful, i never tried korean hot pot rice before though i'd been to korea, what a shame :(

nic, exactly! it's really dangerous especially to da children.. :|

Big Boys Oven said...

heavenly Kim Gary lol!!!!!

ekeng said...

tried many times for the Stone grilled's not so delicious..but it's worthy and affordable. haha :)

MamaBoK said...

What is the progress of your big day..??
I can't wait to try the stone grilled rice.. :)

Kenny said...

i guess their F&B smart enuff.. yes it is a gd way 2 keep the rice warm or hot shud i say.. but thy din think of the customer..

MeiyeN said...

bigboysoven, awww you heart kim gary! :D

ekeng, oh really? for us, it tastes okay though..

mamabok, anytime when you are back.. try them! my big day is bout 1 year from now... seems like everything is well prepared and am now waiting for da day to come lol..

kenny, yeaps... that's true!