Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

It's been really such a long time ever since we had a scrumptious Japanese meal and while were at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday, I suddenly remember that there's this new Japanese Restaurant that we had yet to try and suggested darling if he wanted to have Japanese food for dinner. Surprisingly, he too was craving for Japanese food! I told him that I have heard about this newly opened restaurant called Sushi Zanmai and had been wanting to try them ever since they started business here but unfortunately, we didn't know where it's located. We seek high and low for da information board, hoping to find out where exactly Sushi Zanmai is located but we found none, sigh! Finally, after touring da new and old wing of Pyramid, we found out that Sushi Zanmai is actually located right beside Zen (above Kim Gary).

It was bout 7pm when we reached Sushi Zanmai. Goodness, da Restaurant was packed with, not only diners but their staffs too. Lotsa foreigners ("gwai lou" and Japanese) too that we saw so we thought, da food here must be good! So, it's open kitchen here but we didn't get to sit at da conveyor belt Sushi bar cause it was all occupied, so good business!

Once seated, we were given a menu. Why 1 menu when there were 2 of us? Sigh.... one of us invisible? Hmm... anyways, we asked for another menu and I find some of da items pretty much alike with those at Rakuzen! We couldn't be wrong as we frequent Rakuzen quite often but what surprised us is da price of each item. They are so much cheaper than Rakuzen and I kept whispered to my other half that everything is cheap, cheap, cheap! Darling raised his eyebrow and said, "You have too much of good food lately and that's why you think it's cheap over here. Not many people will have da same thinking as you." Okay, noted and I understand what he meant but bear in mind, I was just trying to compare da prices at Sushi Zanmai with Rakuzen.

First order was da Yasai Tempura. It's only RM 6.80 for this plate of assorted Vegetables Tempura. Find their Tempura quite good cause they served my favourite Enoki Mushrooms, not oily and with no sticky batter.

Darling's favourite came next, Ikura Sushi. RM 6 for this 2 pcs of Salmon Roe, very fresh and abundance of them, darling loved it dearly!

We also had Shishamo. Priced at RM 4.80, find these grilled Smelt pretty tiny but for that price, we couldn't expect too much. Still, it's good...

Despited da tiny grilled Smelt, there were still plenty of roes inside, yummmy!

Da usual me was very unusual that night. If you have been following my blog, you definitely know that am not a "rice" person but somehow, for health reasons, I was told that I need to consume Rice and I need to fall in love with Rice. What I had that night was a bowl of Chicken Katsu-Don. Priced at RM 8.80 for da small serving, I still find da portion very big but stuffed in a very small bowl. Da deeply fried Chicken with batter and bread crumbs were really good, da meat, oh so tender, flavourful and with da egg topping, a big WOW from me! Da rice was cooked to perfection, just so divine! Please bear with me, I hardly eat Rice so when I get to taste them.... it's really heaven to me, lol! If you think that a small serving is no enough, you can opt for da big serving and all you need to do is to add extra RM 2 :)

Darling on da other hand had Sakura Chirasi-Don. He decided to order this assorted seafood version cause we didn't order any Sashimi to share that night as a matter of fact that I am not allowed to consume any raw stuff for da time being, again, because of health reasons. Priced at RM 10.80 for a small serving, not only that they served generous amount of Sashimi but it's also served with Tamago, my favourite! ;)

Still feel like to try their sushi roll although we were very full, we went ahead to order a plate of Caterpillar Roll. It's cheap, RM 12.80 only but da serving is small compare to da one we had before at Rakuzen. Anyways, it's still worthy.. look at da amount of Avocado they served, excellent! :)

For Dessert, we had Macha & Macha Parfait (RM 12). Da moment I saw it in da Dessert menu, I knew that I had to order this cause it looked so irresistible in da menu! At da bottom, it's Green Tea Ice cream layered with Green Tea Jelly and Red Bean. On da Red Bean, it's then layered with Corn flakes and finally topped with Green Tea Ice cream. Not too bad but I don't quite like da idea of putting Corn flakes inside cause it's superbly tiring to chew all of them, really! I do hope that there were no Corn flakes inside then it's one perfect Macha Parfait! ;)

Da whole dinner didn't cost us a lot, da bill came less than RM 100 and that's with one bottle of house Japanese Sake, so it's really good food and good price over here at Sushi Zanmai :) No doubt, I will return for more! :D

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Big Boys Oven said...

wah sure look good!!!!!

KampungboyCitygal said...

the price is really 'something' (not dare to say cheap) compared to rakuzen..hehehe..maybe we shud just ditch rakuzen for zanmai

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow...so cheap! The caterpillar roll looks delicious with such a generous amount of avocado. Yumm!!

Jun said...

haha i heard sushi zanmai and rakuzen are under the same owner/company, tht's why they have similar items ;) yeah i love the matcha ice-cream parfait-- did u try the other desserts? the black sesame ice-cream's not bad, but a bit plain in presentation compared to the parfait, if u know wat i mean :>

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah cheap eh? aiyoh i think ur darling is rite..its not exactly cheap compared to other cuisine but definitely cheap as japanese food!

how come ur health reasons abit funny 1? you have to take rice but cant take raw seafood? hmmm..

ekeng said...

i love the caterpillar roll..it's sweet and delicious..will back there for more.

Simon said...

Those Ikura sushi is making me drooling. For a budgeted Japanese outing, I will go to Zanmai sushi for lunch this week. Will go to their branch in Gardens instead because doing my facial there. Also will order Ikura Chawan Mushi, yupe I got a weakness for Ikura.

Precious Pea said...

Waahh..agree with you that the price is 'CxxxP'! HAHAHA! I love avocado so i will definitely try their caterpillar roll. As for the parfait, i saw the picture before reading and i was like...HUH? Cornflakes. True enuff it's cornflakes. But why oh why their spoil the wonderful dessert with cornflakes huh?

Xiu Long Bao said...

the pricing is reasonable but the portion seems small. But that also means i can savour more varieties of food :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

less than RM100 for that much of food? the price sounds really good, haha! the macha parfait looks interesting too!

ling239 said...

why did they served me little tiny slices of avocado during my last visit ?! so unfair.... :'(

yammylicious said...

=( i still havent try zanmai out *sobsob*

~Christine~Leng said...

'cheap' compared to most Japanese food outlet. definitely worth it ;P U didn't cut out the voucher from the star? caterpillar roll for 50% off! ^^

wenching & esiong said...

We didn't notice their macha ice-cream during out last visit. Sounds special with corn flakes. Gonna order it next time!

KY said...

waaa, i'm missing the place already

team bsg said...


" Cafe Princess ( PJ/KL ) 2007 "
bsg hall of fame

congratulations !

ai wei said...

been there with christine once and i find their curry ramen really good. and we used the voucher from the star~ ^^

Christy said...

I can't believe I found another similarity with you...I don't like to take rice either...been like that since a baby!!:p

MeiyeN said...

bigboysoven, yes.. yum yum! :D

citygal, yeah... ;)

lemongrass, ah yes! those who loves avocados, i bet they gonna love this caterpillar roll! do try it ;)

jun, oh yeah.. that's what i heard too! i am allergy to black sesame hence i didn't order that.. i would suggest that da matcha dessert tastes better without da cornflakes lol..

joe, i get what you mean... it's true though! oh.. bout my health, got to eat rice cause i have got no enough blood and not supposed to eat cold/raw stuff as that will makes matter worse in da sense that raw stuff contains bacteria and my immune system is rather weak so it's hard to fight through if my body ever breaks down :| another thing, my injured toe is not fully recovered hence if i accidentally eats raw stuff, my toe goes swollen!

ekeng, maybe you can try their outlet at mv too and let me know how it goes yah..

simon, wow.. facial is good! hope that you gonna enjoy your meal there! :D

preciouspea, yeah... you know, it's really supa tiring chewing them! :(

xiulongbao, small portion but tastes good right? hehehehe..

nic, yeah.. affordable! go and try it yah..

ling239, oh really? sad to hear that.. give them another chance yah... *hugz*

yammylicious, you got to try this place asap!!! good food, good price! :D

christine, i didn't know there's a voucher that i can use from da paper! :( which paper and when did they advertise?

wenching&esiong, if you loves cornflakes you will love it but it's really too hard for me and i felt so tired chewing them :p

ky, hey.. thanks for dropping by! this place has my vote and i definitely will return for more! lol..

teambsg, whoa.... got award wey! hahahaha... thank you! lol.. anyways, you should really try this place... their sushis are good and not expensive! ;)

aiwei, okay.. noted! will try their ramen next time, thanks for your tips! :D

myCoffee said...

I was there recently and fell in love with the menu. So many yummy choices but so little stomach space...haha

~Christine~Leng said...

the voucher was from the Star: StarSpecial.. Dining Out section, dated 14 Nov 2007.
but the due's tomorrow ;P perhaps you can visit them again tomorrow? hehe..

MamaBoK said...

so much good food.. ;) yums..!

Honey Star said...

Oh yummy!!! thank you for the review. Another new place to makan. heehe. The dessert looks really interesting.