Monday, December 03, 2007

It's December, end of 2007!

I seriously think that time flies dramatically and it does fly even faster when you are having so much of fun, agree? It's hard to believe that year 2007 is coming to an end soon, weeks from now and thinking back what happened for da last 12 months, it seems like everything just happened yesterday. Soon enough, it's da time of da year again to close da chapter of year 2007 and to make new resolutions for da new year, 2008! I shall do that pretty soon, when I have da time, fingers crossed ;)

So, it's Monday, again! I feel pretty restless and tired actually... well, too much of activities! Haha... No doubt that I had one enjoyable weekend but there was a pretty bad excitement too (gonna story that later). I attended my Yoga Class on Thursday night instead of Friday night as to celebrate my niece's birthday. It's school holiday now and it was cool to find out that there was no major jam from my place to cousin's house at Puchong. We managed to reach on time, dinner was at Ho Kee Steamboat Restaurant, Puchong and after dinner, we drove to cousin's house for da so called birthday-cake-cutting-ceremony :D

Happy 7th Birthday to moi beloved niece, Maggie @ Mei Chi ;) By looking at her, it reminds me a lot of things. I remember how naughty she was when she was still in my cousin's tummy 7 years ago. I remember how hard my cousin gave birth to her, I remember how cheeky she was when she was still a baby and I remember how my dad taught her to walk one week before she reached 1 year old! I remember da very first time I was promoted to be an aunt and that she called me "piao yee yee". I remember how she waited for me to bring her candies and chocolates whenever she knew that I would be dropping by her place and she would always welcomed me with her sweetest smile. She share a very special bond with us, my parents love her a lot, not to mention how very much me and my sis care for her, she's definitely apple of our eyes and now, she's 7 years old, really unbelievable!! In conjunction with her birthday, I wish her to be healthy, always be happy and stay cheerful as ever! :)

Da "Mei's" sistas, oh yes, four of us actually shared da same first/middle name! As seen, moi and my sis with my precious nieces, Mei Suan and Mei Chi :)

Back to da bad excitement that I mentioned just now, it happened on Saturday. Darling and I went to Bangsar Village for grocery after we had our lunch and we parked our car at da open space parking lots. We happily shopped for bout 1 hour plus and once done, we decided to go home. While we were coming out from our parking lot (not in reversing mode cause we actually reversed our car to da parking lot when we 1st came in), there was this car in front of us reversed without knowing that our car was actually half way coming out from da parking lot. Da gap was actually quite far away but for safety purposes, darling decided to honk so that da driver realised there's a car right behind and da driver should stop reversing da car upon hearing da honk right? No, da driver didn't stop despite how loud darling honk. I mean, darling's car honk was really loud and soundly, I really don't quite understand... I saw da car with reversing sensor on da bumper and yet da driver continued to reverse? I believe there should be a signal to da driver indicated that there was something behind da car right? Well, it happened really fast. I remember da last word I said before darling's car got bang was, "Oh no, no.. careful, careful!" and...... BANG!!! I was surprisingly not scared (my six sense just tell me that whether darling was fast enough to reverse or drive through, it surely bang us) although it was my side here (da door) that got bang. I was speechless, darling was worried that I got hurt. No, I didn't! I was very upset and angry. Furiously wanted to jump out from da car but damn, I couldn't open da door! :( I think darling was more alert and careful as he afraid that someone might just purposely bang us and you know, take our car away or maybe kidnap us away. So, he stayed inside da car for awhile until da driver of that car came down. Well, a lady driver :| Her reaction was quite shocked to see da damage. Darling got down, he asked me to stay inside da car awhile and I just couldn't. Once he left da car, I immediately crossed over to da driver seat and jumped out. I actually wanted so much to !#$#%^$&^%&*&^ her but it seemed like darling has already talked nicely to her and she seemed to be clueless what actually happened. She kept apologized and kept telling us that her car's sensor didn't work properly or else da accident would not have happened. I was speechless, I quickly looked at da damage, goodness.... quite bad! Well, we settled on da spot. She was very polite to us and offered to pay for da damage. I asked darling if he was angry over her. He just said that, "Accident happens, as long as nobody gets hurt, damage can be fixed but it's troublesome" Oh my god, he's so patience.. how can he not be angry? How can he be not upset? How can he just be so happy-go-lucky I wonder.... So...... it was really excited but a BAD one! :|

Came Sunday, we woke up very early as to bring darling's car to fix da damage. After sending his car to da workshop, we went to watch a movie. Yes, it's Enchanted! I tell ya, I love this movie soooo sooooooooooooo much! I mean, it's really my kind of movie, fairy tales.... happily ever after! From da beginning to da end, I enjoyed every minutes of it. Gals out there, you have to watch this show, everything is just so magical in this movie and I plan to watch it another time! ;)

All in all, still a good weekend. Stay tuned for more food reviews... ;)


Precious Pea said...

What a horrible accident but glad that you are ok.

MamaBoK said...

Happy belated birthday to your niece.. :) they are indeed blessed to have you as an aunt..! freaky accident.. but luckily no one got hurt.. and most can see how gentlemanly ..your other half was.. :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You have a gem of a fiance! Hold on tight. :-)

Big Boys Oven said...

Sorry to hear about thee accident. hope both of you are ok now. Anyway, great tht you like the wedding cake we make! :)

myCoffee said...

Your nieces are cute. Glad to hear that at least, no one's hurt in the accident. Aw, you watched Enchanted already? I want to watch too!

~Christine~Leng said...

so sorry over the accident. glad no one was hurt. You darlin'.. is such a gentleman! :)
I wanna go for a movie so badly!! wanna watch enchanted 2moro.. hopefully can make it ;P

and... happy belated birthday to your niece!

team bsg said...

we shall be getting the first juicy script for the enchanting happy wheels ASAP. "just like him...V long 2 b close 2 u..."

Kenny said...

Yeah, sometimes i just wonder why thy cant hear the honk..? and worst thy dun even look bck whn they reverse.. dun jz rely to the sensor, look at the bck mirror.. clumsy..

ekeng said...

oh accident..thanks god u both are ok..Maybe the lady driver are deaf :(

Christy said...

Ohhh!!So glad you are unhurt!!Thank God:)
I totally understand what you mean, some guys can be so patient and calm; my dear is also the same, and I can tell you, I have never ever seen him angry or raise his voice before (At all!)

All the same, really glad you are fine and that you have such a great (future) hubby:D

Jackson said...

Thankful u and yr hubby are well!!! Hey...i like that movie too!!

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, yeah.. horror! but think of it, thank god that she didn't use up all her force to reverse.. otherwise, it would be worse!

mamabok, thanks! i am lucky too to have my nieces around as they are da limelight! :)awww... no doubt that he's one gentleman, i agree with that! ;)

lemongrass, haha... i am afraid that he would act snobbish if he ever sees this comment of yours lol..

bigboysoven, yeah... love it so much, very beautiful! wondering how much it costs? ;)

mycoffee, go watch soon yah! love it, love it..... just so "happily ever after"!!!! :D

christine, thanks alot! you should really go watch enchanted asap! i am sure you gonna love this movie! it's so magical.... love this fairy tale sooooo so much! :D

teambsg, hahahaha lol...

kenny, ah yes! my fiance was thinking da same too! he was wondering why she reversed without looking da mirror! it's so dangerous... that's definitely one lesson to her i guess :|

ekeng, no.. she's definitely not deaf! we suspect that she might had on da radio/player too loud, well, we never knew!

christy, awww... i am lucky yah! :) it's definitely no easy to find a man with a good heart, moreover patience and very careful with every single things.. so do cherish your other half yah! :D

jackson, you like da movie too? so glad to hear that.... i wanna watch again lol..

Jason said...

Aiya... I missed the movie as my friends wanna watch it at 7pm show and I couldn't make it. But shall go for Golden Compass on Thursday!

Luckily the two of you were not hurt in the accident. Hope you felt better now.