Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweet Meet-up @ Italiannies, The Curve

Hello everyone, I hope you people had a good weekend. It has been raining now and then, gloomy sky, windy weather, just don't really like it cause it makes me lazy and sick. Don't know why, I have been really weak recently and just 2 days ago, I've caught a cold and having mild fever, again! Well, just hope that am going to recover really soon as work is piling up and to all of you out there, please take care your health since it's rainy season now, don't catch cold yah!

Last Wednesday, I met up with my buddies for dinner. It was really a sweet meet up cause is been months since we last seen each other. We decided to have dinner at Italiannies, The Curve and our initial plan was to catch up each other at 8pm but we were all late due to work commitments and also because of da massive jam, it was really teribble. I thought that I would be da one really late but surprisingly no, fiance and I reached first, next came, Ivy and Eddie (da newly wed couple) and few minutes later, Lye Mun and her beloved darling, Yew Choong arrived.

Cam whoring begun...

Da guys @ da buddies' partners; moi fiance, Eddie and Yew Choong :)

Da gals @ da buddies; Lye Mun, Ivy and Moi :)

Hungry, hungry.. time for dinner!!!!!

We started off with Stuffed Mushrooms, yummy and carried on with all da gal's food, lol!

Seafood Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta

Conchiglie Pomodoro; Shell Pasta

and finally, guy's food, Garlic Chicken Pizza!

Actually, we were all feeling very full but because of me (I just need to end my dinner with some desserts), everyone just had to go along with me to share this gigantic Strawberry Cheesecake :D

Not only that, we also had da gigantic Tiramisu too!

Burpppp.... really full! Da Pastas were all good, served with lotsa ingredients, fresh Seafood and very big portion too! As for da Pizza, find da dough too thick and not really crusty so I didn't quite like it. Desserts were all delicious and most of all with good companions! :) Da bill came to a whopping RM 250++ for da above food & drinks, quite worthy I would say cause each person paid about RM 40++ only ;)

After dinner, cam whoring session again but not inside Italiannies though ;)

Da couples, all looking sweet and happy! :D

My buddies, love them much! *Smoochie smoochie Smoochie*

Darling and Moi, nice lightings!

It was one wonderful night for me cause I don't get to see them too often. I know that three of us cherish our friendship very much. Firstly, Lye Mun was really sick that night when we supposed to meet up and had to beat da traffic jam for like 1 hour plus to reach. Secondly, I thought I would be really late or maybe unable to join them cause there was one emergency work at da very last minute and thirdly, Ivy's hubby was stucked in a meeting too. However busy we were, we still wanted so much to meet each other and despite how late it was, we still managed to gather and had a good dinner. To Lye Mun, thanks a lot for da precious gift you'd given me, I appreciate it a lot and have been using it now, very informative.. love it so much! To Ivy, thanks for da voucher... so kind of you! :D Lastly, thanks to our partners accompanied us throughout this memorable night, muaks! :D


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Awwww how sweet. It's always nice to get together with dear friends. Especially so when there's good food involved. :-D

Christy said... sweet...the "sistas" meet-up and with their beaus...really really thoughtful:D

wenching & esiong said...

Hope you'll get well soon. Take care ya!

We tried the strawberry cheesecake too! It was really really huge, can't finish it! Haha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the food looks decent, had it twice but didnt find it too outstanding to try again..

Jason said...

Been here for about 4-5 times as my friends love to come here for their big portions.

team bsg said...

wa so many pretty girls and colorful food, but we oni like that far right hand corner one with sphagetti strips one , cannot tahan sommore how ah ?

~Christine~Leng said...

hope you'll recover soon :)
and it's always great to have meals with friends! with such great environment and good food some more! ;)
aww.... sweet couples!!

ekeng said...

the strawberry cheesecake look so delicious..i miss italiannies tiramisu so's the best dessert to have after meal.

Get well soon meiyen.
Take Care always.

ai wei said...

totally in love with thier gigantic tiramisu. i must go for another visit again. your lovely dinner makes me wanna come up with a gatherinf with my frens now.

ling239 said...

hahahaaa.... i fully agreed the dessert serves here are really big portion ~ ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

Ain't that the Charlie's Angels! Sounds like a great place to meet up!

huiyen said...

i *heart* the tiramisu:)

Kenny said...

good food with good friends, best company^^

-Di- said...

hey i like your top!

-Di- said...

hey i like your top!! ;)

MeiyeN said...

lemongrass, yeah... i find it no easy to find good companions as i grew older :)

christy, it was indeed a very sweet meet-up! :D

wenching&esiong, thanks.. but, bad enough.. am still having very bad flu and soar throat! :( if i were to have da whole cheesecake alone, that would be my dinner lol..

joe, hmmm... it's quite a good place for friends to meet up though.. considering that their serving is really huge and they can be shared!

jason, yeah.. it's really worthy when you have a bunch of people to share da food! i simply love their pasta :D

teambsg, lol...

christine, yeah... especially when we all only get to meet up once in a few months!

ekeng, very cheesy right.. and their tiramisu is very flavourful!

aiwei, lol.. act quick, be da organizer now and ask your friends for a meal here!

ling239, i think not only da desserts but everything over here! lol..

bigboysoven, haha charlie's angels? more like 3 musketeers lol..

huiyen, hi.... first time dropping by? thanks for reading my blog and no doubt, their tiramisu is yummy.. i heart them too!

kenny, oh yes! :D

di, thanks... seems like it's your first time leaving a comment here, hope you enjoy reading my blog! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

charlie's angels meets the 3 musketeers!!!

Kenny Mah said...

Really lar... like Charlie's Angels meets the Three Musketeers as BBO puts it. It's always nice when good friends get to reunite, and drag along their significant others, hehe.

And of course, the best way to sapu their big portions is to come with many people, no? LOL.

Nic (KHKL) said...

yah, the portions are huge! the italian food here is better than most so-called italian joints. i like their smoked salmon pizza!

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

My uncle brought me to the Nasi Lemak Cikgu place. Dinno Michael n Bob went there before. :p
The story behind Heroes.

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Oops, i posted my comment before completely typing it out.

The story behind Heroes* and the comment i made about it:
Heroes Vol.2 (a.k.a. Heroes Season 2) has ended after 11 eps cos of the Writers' Guild of America (WGA) strike that has been going on for quite a while now. So much so that many popular TV shows have run out of material to shoot.
Hence Heroes Vol.2 ends at 11 eps unlike Vol.1 which had 23 eps.
Heroes is now on a hiatus until the WGA strike is resolved then only Vol.3 will start production, and who knows when that will be. :-( Thus the "I want more Heroes!" comment by me.

sc said...

its the season to be jolly! so better take care, and have a blast before the year ends! :)

huiyen said...

not exactly first time..a friend just told me about ur blog recently..hehe..but first time dropping a comment though:)
btw,all ur piccies makes me salivate:P *hungry*
have a nice day yea:)

MeiyeN said...

bigboysoven, lol..

kennymah, it's wonderful to have good friends and good food around, always!!!! :D and of course, da more da merrier i mean.. FOOD! :p

nic, i don't remember trying their smoked salmon pizza... thanks for da tips, will take note of that! ;)

obi-kwan, awww.... no wonder you are so sad.... *hugz* never mind, that give you reason to have more time to update your blog, no? :)

sc, i really hope so... but seems like it's not getting any better with this rainy season, feel so cold all da time! :( i need sun, i want sun & rainbow! Brrrr...

huiyen, i see! thanks for being so supportive yah... and thanks to your friend too :) you have a nice day too!

MamaBoK said...

Great to meet up with old friends.. ;) it's priceless eh.. :) i hope you are feeling better now.. :) and you always eat such nice food at great prices.. :) when i come home.. i'll know who to go out and eat with.. muahhahaha!!

SheriCheryi said...

Dear Fellow Friends that are Food Bloggers,

Would you like to have a food review at Marco's new outlet in Bangsar Village Shopping Centre? Let's set a date as soon as the attendance is more or less confirmed! Don't worry, it's on my Boss! =D

Happy blogging!