Monday, September 23, 2013

I am Back!

Is been too long....
Is been 5 years now and I seriously miss writing!

5 years has gone too fast and furious! In a blink of eyes, I am now married and with a kid...
Well, lets see.... I am back maybe not too active like in da past but, I will continue to blog. Stay tuned =)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Short Break

I know that I have been missing in action. Sorry that I have not been blogging, updating and replying. All in all, I just want to inform that I am taking a short break due to work commitments and to be honest, I am actually in da midst of preparing for my upcoming wedding. Not too sure when I will be back, hopefully as soonest possible. A big thank you to everyone, my beloved readers for reading and supporting my blog all this while. See you all soon...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

To all my beloved readers,
Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Chai!
May da year of Rat bring lotsa Wealth, Fortune, Health & Prosperity to all of you! ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almond Crisps

Chinese New Year is around da corner, about 2 weeks from today and am feeling absolutely excited. Well, besides feeling really excited, am quite tired too. Every year around this time, I would be really busy with works and at da same time busy with house works too. There are so much to clean and clear, seems like it's never ending clearing my stuff. Don't know why, I have loads of stuff and I seriously don't know what should I do with them. Anyways, despite how busy I am, I still bake and make CNY goodies. After all, it's only once a year! :)

Da first batch of my CNY goodies would be Almond Crisps. It's my first time baking Almond Crisps and seriously, I didn't know that it's actually that easy to bake them! All you need is Almond and some pre-mixed Flour, yes, that's all! It's as easy as ABC and am so overjoyed to know that those of them who tasted it recently told me that it's really good! Crispy and aromatic, that's what they commented. Mom is so happy that I am back to baking, as in she doesn't need to buy any Cookies to give away as gift and to be truthful, can save even more $$$ cause it's definitely no cheap to buy those commercial Cookies outside :)

Have you all baked any Cookies lately? Tell me bout it yah... ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Canton-I @ 1 Utama

Searching for new eateries in 1 Utama? Let's not worry much cause there's one new Chinese Restaurant opened not long ago and I am talking about Canton-I. Located in between da old and new wing of 1 Utama, it's not hard to spot this oriental looks eatery as it's just few doors away from Carl's Jr Burger. I quite like da atmosphere here though with good lightings and it just feels so comfortable with their oriental environment.

We looked through da menu for quite some time and found out that they serve mainly Noodle, Rice, Congee, varieties of Dim Sum and Hong Kong style Dessert. Like any other HK style Chinese Restaurant, you can choose your Noodle to be paired with Roasted Chicken, Duck, Pork and etc. What is special about this place is that they serve Pork Knuckle Noodle and darling immediately wanted to try it. As seen, da type of Noodle that they serve is "Wan Tan Mee" and darling chose to have da dry version instead of soup. Bear in mind, it's more expensive for da dry version, RM 11.80++ per plate while for da soup based Noodle, it's priced at RM 10.80++. Darling mentioned that da Pork Knuckle was really delicious, at least something different compare with other places so it was all good for his plate of Noodle.

Initially, I wanted to order their Pig's Liver and Kidney Noodle but da staff told me that they actually serve only Pig's Liver Noodle as da menu is wrongly printed. Huh? Wrongly printed? What a mistake they made. I felt so disappointed as I thought I could try something different. Since it's only Pig's Liver, I decided to give it a pass. Instead, I went for their Combination Noodle (RM 12.80++) where I had da Roasted Chicken mixed with Roasted Pork. I have no complains at all on their meat, da Pork was really crispy and juicy while da Chicken meat was so tender that I absolutely love chewing them. However, I didn't quite like their Noodle. I don't know about darling but I find it really hard to chew da Noodle and I got to take a very long time to finish up my plate of "Wan Tan Mee" which I think I should have asked them to "cut" da unbreakable Noodle for me. This kind of "Wan Tan Mee" just not da one that I favour. Perhaps I still prefer those hawker style Noodle, cheap and chewable! ;)

Besides da Noodle, darling also ordered a plate of Radish Cake. Not cheap, RM 6++ per plate. I find it very oily but darling kept telling me that it's pan fried hence da oil. Well, guess I still prefer it to be steamed.

Overall, food is okay here but be prepared to pay extra for their atmosphere and environment. I mean, you just have to pay for everything over here even da Wet Tissue which costs RM 1 per packet and for one glass of Plain Water too. I don't know about others but I find it a bit ridiculous since it's just a glass of Plain Water. Anyways, no harm to try this place and I thought of bringing our parents here soon and would really love to hear their comments ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heng Kee Bak Kuk Teh @ Pj Old Town

We tried Heng Kee Bak Kuh Teh few weeks ago, I remember it was New Year's night and wow.. da whole place was so packed and crowded that some who came later than 8pm got to stand for some time to get a table. Heng Kee sounds familiar to you? Yeaps, it's located at PJ Old Town and it has been here for as long as da PJ folks know. Fiance told me that he used to come here so often when he was a kid and he missed da big tree that used to be located inside this corner Restaurant. I have never seen da tree he mentioned cause da first time I ever tasted their Bak Kuh Teh was 4 years ago. Anyone of you remember there's a tree?

A Bak Kuk Teh meal is never completed without condiments like chopped Garlics and Chillies!

"Yau Char Kwai" is a must have item for me when having Bak Kuh Teh, I simply enjoy dipping them into da soup, yummy!

I must say that Heng Kee's Bak Kuh Teh is rather different from others. First, it's not served by hot pot, all their porky dishes are served in bowl. Seriously, I never know how to order when comes to Bak Kuh Teh so da task was given to fiance and he ordered one bowl of Mixed Bak Kuk Teh. Now, what you see is what you get. There were plenty of Pork Ribs, so juicy and meaty, I absolutely love it. Pig's stomach and intestines were very well cleaned, no pee pee smell. As for da soup, I find it much better compare to previous years where it's much clearer now. However, fiance had a different point of view in which he prefer to have da strong flavour kind of soup as they used to serve.

What I like about Heng Kee is that I can order their Braised Mushroom separately. Unlike other places, Mushrooms were served few pieces and it's definitely no enough for me since I heart them so much! Amazing, their Braised Mushroom still as good as before, thumbs up!

Besides that, we also had Braised Beancurd. Oooo..... like da texture of it, so soft and crunchy at da same time, yummm.....

Finally, a plate of Poached Vege with Oyster Sauce. Don't know why da plate was really oily, their style? I really have no idea..

Da dinner bill came up to RM 30+ only, really affordable. Anywhere else that you wanna recommend me for a good Bak Kuh Teh? Please do so as I am craving for it... ;)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Indonesian Spiced Layered Cake

Something sweet today, it's da Indonesian Spiced Layered Cake. Bought it all da way from Indonesia, da Cake is also well known as "Kek Lapis" Indonesia. It's a gift from fiance's cousin and I must admit that it's a very beautiful dessert. I remember that when were in Bali 2 years ago, we were given a chance to sample but never bought it home so I absolutely feel happy when now that I don't need to go all da way to Indonesia to savour this sweet looking Layered Cake. I heard that there are many versions of "Kek Lapis" and to be truthful, you can easily find it in Malaysia too but in different style and different taste too. This one, from Indonesia, da Cake has Prune topping and as you can see from above, each layer is well baked. Very rich in flavour with heavy texture, I bet there must be lotsa hard work and one must have patience to bake da Layered Cake. Anyone know da secret of baking "Kek Lapis"? I would love to have da recipe.. ;)