Saturday, September 11, 2021

New Beginning (Mother Earth at Flour)

Sometimes you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new Beginnings...

It has been a long time and I am so glad to be home again in my blog, Da Wheel of Life & Happiness.

As to celebrate the new Beginning after a lengthy hiatus, FLOUR is chosen.

I have been wanting to try the degustation menu at FLOUR since beginning of 2021 but many times failed to secure a place and I missed out the last season menu due to on/off covid lockdown. Anyways, I guess I kinda know why. God has a better plan for me because he wants me to understand the union of Shareena (Body), Indriya (Mind), Satva (Sense) and Atma (Soul) which I fulfill a whole new experience via the Mother Earth Menu by FLOUR Rises. 

Based on the concept of Redefine, Recreate and Reinvent, the creation of French + Indian Degustation Mothe Earth Menu by Chef Yogesh is highly remarkable because during the whole 2 hours of dining experience, Chef Yogesh mentioned that all the years he always wantd to do something with food that elates body, its sense but couldn't beause of many reasons. The lockdownh somehow made Chef feels that he has done with his fears and if he don't do it now, it will never be. The menu, dedicated to the Chef's father, Mr Keshavial and the Chef's Mentor, the late Roumen Draganov is the next step to showcase the modernity of food from India with French influence that has become an integral part of Chef Yogesh's cooking.

"My father is the reason I can cook and Roumen is the reason I am" - Chef Yogesh

To begin with, the Monsoon Menu comes with 2 selections, the Vegetarian (11-course) and a Supplementarty Non-Vegetarian (8-course) Menu. 

Priced at RM 520++ per pax, we opt for the Supplmentary Menu (Non-Vegetarian). 

The Beginning.
The Great Palate Cleansers (Bird Nest, Spiced Water, Plant in a Tart)

Bird Nest 
Chef Yogesh insist us to eat the Okra with our hands and I must say it's one wonderful experience!
Spiced Water
Speechless burst and melt-in-the-mouth sensation with a little hint of spicyness

Plant in a Tart
Act as the final palate cleanser, allowing assess to the 2nd course of the night 

Earth and Sea.
The rarest Silver Baeri Caviar in the world over Beetroot Thoran Custard

Beluga Caviar
As with most Caviars, the 24 year old Beluga served the rarest and only available at FLOUR in Malaysia. Handled with a Caviar spoon made of "mother of pearl", tasting the Caviar is like tasting fine wine and all you need to do is to roll the eggs inside and around your tounge to savour the rich flavour and unique texture. Check out MY Instagram (meiyen.rbc) for more videos on the Caviar.

Me enjoying the rarest Beluga Caviar 

Lentil River.
Indian Whole Green Lentil, Spiced Espuma

An Edible Legume
High in protein, Chef Yogesh serve the Lentil River uiquely by pouring the absolute soupy spices to the Lentil and all we need to do is to scoop it inside our mouth, voila, absolutely yummy!

Blue Crustacean
Canadian Blue Lobster Tail, Fresh Coconut Sauce, Spanish Pimiento Lamulo

1 in a Million Blue Lobster
The one in a million Blue Lobster air flown from Canada, the meat is so firm that it tastes perfectly with the fresh coconut sauce, I am definitely feeling so priviledge to taste it for the very first time in my life!

The Suckling Lamb Shank.
Suckling Lamb Shank from Spain, Briyani, Pomegranate Curd

The 30 Days old Lamb
I must say I enjoy this course at most. The meat is absolutely tender and the fact that I am feeling over the moon as to taste the Briyani Rice with the sauce cause to be very honest, I dont even remember when was the last time I ever had rice (probably months) and the feeling is so fulfilling! Chef Yogesh was pretty much observant with me knowing that I love the Curd so so much and yes, it's so creamy and ligh in texture that it definitely aids my digestive system. 

French Musk Melon Crystals, Cream, Melon Foam

The Chill Melon
Topped with Melon foam, such a refreshing and chill Dessert that immediately melt into my mouth, am loving it!

Carrot Mille-Feuille.

Mess It Up!
As instructed by Chef Yogesh, we are meant to have this Dessert in a messy way like, hey have fun and dirty the table, is okay! 

Fennel and Mint Chocolate Truffle paired with Hennessy

Chocolates with Cognac
Always my favourite, this is the perfect pairing! 

Masala Cha

Coffee or Tea?
A mixture of spices and tea, needless to even think twice, Masala Cha is the perfect choice to end the night!

New Beginnings, New Hope, New Joy

Now, we all know that Food is basic needs of human beings. We can make a person happy by serving delicious foods, at least for me. There is always an unspoken feeling associated with being able to cook great food and finding satisfaction and fulfillment in serving delicious food to others. Chefs are the most amazing people in the world because they literally deliver happiness by providing delicious dishes. I personally would like to extend great appreciation to Chef Yogesh  for your work spirit and enthuasiasm. The connection we had, the way you fearlessly put on a presentation in your cooking journey is highly appreciative. We had one of the most beautiful masterpiece of yours, the presentation of the food was just remarkable. Our night wouldn't be special and memorable without your deletable dishes. Thank you so much!

The Review by Da Wheel of Life & Happiness
An unforgettable French + Indian Degustation Mother Earth cuisine. A beautiful experience with a open heart and open mind connection with Chef Yogesh. It is indeed one of the many best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Be prepared to silent your phone, connect with Chef and enjoy every single course that's served personally by the Chef because there's no where you can find such a passionate Chef like Chef Yogesh. 

FLOUR Restaurant
12, Jalan Kamuning (Off Jalan Imbi)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+ 6012. 960 0053